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Growing up, I read books as if it were the air I needed to breathe. You could always find me with a book on my lap, whether it was at school between classes, after swim practice, or when I was sitting in the car. Reading was my little getaway, and I loved every second of it.

As I got older, I found myself reading the books that no one else had heard of. Everyone else was binging Twilight while I was picking up Vladimir Tod, Vampire Kisses and The Drake Chronicles. In my adulthood, I found many more people wanted those indie books… so why not give them a peek inside my little library? And with that, Briar’s Reviews became a blog.

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Indie Books

I love reading a book that no one else has heard of! Self published, hasn’t found it’s reader base, or just brand new! Those are my favourite. There’s nothing great than a book to start a conversation.

Romance & Thrills

I read a lot of genres – romance, mystery, middle grade, fantasy. Check out my About page for more details on what kind of books I read. I love a little dash of everything!

Popular Tales

Of course, every once and a while a girl has gotta dig into the Bestseller list. You’ll see a few of those pop up here too! I love chatting with other readers about all the books we can get our hands on.


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