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I have always been a passionate reader. I tended to read the books no one else was picking up and they allowed me to escape into a fun and thrilling world of literature.

As time went on, I discovered the massive world of indie books and decided to dip my toes in. I started this blog, Briar’s Reviews, to celebrate and share the exciting books I read in my literature adventures. I hope you enjoy the books. asmuch as I do!

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Indie Books

I love reading (and sharing!) indie book titles. If you have an indie or self-published book, I am the reviewer for you. With my background in marketing and love of reading, I can help share your book across my platforms.


I tend to read a little bit of everything, but you can most commonly find me reviewing the following:

Canadian Lit
Middle Grade
Children’s Books


If you are a reader, welcome! Come join. my army of indie book lovers. Reach out and let’s chat. I always love a great book recommendation and I can talk about books for hours! Let’s be friends!


I recently had the opportunity to work with [Briar’s Reviews] on a book project of mine. I am an independent author and publisher and reached out to her to read my latest book and give me her honest opinion.

[Briar’s Reviews] was quick to respond to my initial email and was communicative throughout the entire process. I feel she has a firm grasp on some of the challenges we indie authors face, especially on the marketing front. Indie authors have to perform many tasks besides writing, with social media outreach being one of the most difficult.

[Briar’s Reviews] was quick to go to her social media channels with news of my upcoming book and also wrote a thoughtful, thorough, and professional review for the major sales platforms as well as her personal blog. This type of exposure is very difficult for independent authors to gain on their own.

Her assessment of my book was honest and supportive and done in a timely fashion. I will not hesitate to contact [Briar’s Reviews] again in the future, and I highly recommend her to anyone who needs help seeing the bigger marketing picture for their projects.

K. Kris Loomis

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