Quick Review – House of Ravens by Karpov Kinrade

Karpov Kinrade does an excellent job yet again with House of Ravens.

This novel has been increased greatly with more content from the original version, and it was a step up! This new, revised version was incredible and leaves the reader desperate for more!

While book one left you on a bit of a hanger about what will happen next, House of Ravens fills the void and creates an epic fantasy for every reader to enjoy. Nightfall/Scarlett grows a lot in this book, and I felt like the character growth was exponential compared to the last novel, Court of Nightfall. This growth makes the book a lot more enjoyable, and with all the drama and action occurring makes it a great step up.

The novel moves at a decent, fast pace – it doesn’t feel to slow, but it doesn’t feel like you’re skipping over any important details when you read it. The story also moves smoothly, and doesn’t chop around like some novels tend to do. I personally didn’t get bored with it, and I didn’t feel the need to skip over some chapters (like some books present to the reader).

The twists, turns and surprises of the novel make this a worthy purchase/read. It’s rare to find a long novel with a great plot, good character development and a smooth and steady story that keeps you interested. It was an honor to read this novel and I desperately want more!

Overall, this extravagant novel will take you out of this world, leave you breathless, desperate for more and wanting to throw a temper tantrum because the next book isn’t out just yet!

Five out of five stars!


~ Briar

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