Quick Review – True North by Tamsen Parker

“My comment for this entire book – “Holy crackers Tamsen! Calm down!”.

Yet again, Tamsen Parker proves to me that she is indeed my favourite author by bringing major sexiness and awesome writing into one beautiful yet sensual novel.

This book is an erotica, and man does Tamsen know how to write them. Readers need to keep in mind this book is “part” of a series (meaning the universe of the Compass series) but this book can be a standalone. The other three books were of one character, and this one now involves Slade!

Some BDSM is involved in this story – it’s not to crazy by my standard, but not all readers may feel comfortable with this. Keep that in mind before you pick up the book!

Now, into the juicy parts…

Slade has always been a major jerk, so seeing his side of the story is rather interesting. This man who enjoyed taking his frustrations out on people now has his eyes set on a “put together” female who’s actually quite the “mess”. His one night stand has come back, and somehow they seem to be developing much more than they had before…

This book is juicy! Second chances, hot nights, a pinch of BDSM, hints of romance, strange fetishes, first person male, vulnerable situations, sick desires, D/S…Man. I can’t put this book down, and I fully intend to buy myself a print copy when I can find it (I have an electronic copy). I want this book to sit proudly with all the other books I have by Tamsen Parker, because this book is a goldmine!

I enjoyed these characters, and I wasn’t sure if I would since I was so attached to India and Cris. I also enjoyed that this book is related to the series, but not fully the next book. Seeing India and Cris again would have been great, but this book changes it up and makes it even hotter! There’s only so much we can see with India and Cris before it gets a little repetitive (but Tamsen, if you read this, more India and Cris is still welcomed by this girl!!! 😉 )

Overall, I’d give it more than five stars if possible. Tamsen has wow-ed me again, and there is a reason she’s my top author (first place!!! Yay Tamsen!!).

Five out of five stars.”


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~ Briad

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