Quick Review: Vreeland by Gabriel Strump



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Vreeland is a very cute novel!

This novel is an interesting one, since I would not label it as a story you read to children, yet it’s not exactly Young Adult material either. It seems to be placed somewhere inbetween the two, since there is romance and fighting that seems more along the lines of Young Adult, but the plot line seems very childish, like something I would read to a six year old.

I did find this novel extremely hard to read. The author types out the accents of the characters, so letters are not meant to sound like how they are supposed to sound. For example, V is an F. Vreeland is Fairyland. Vood is food, avraid is afraid, vree is very, vavorite is favorite. H is an R. You’he is you’re, wehe is were, they’he is they’re. Drakonfly is dragonfly. There are many more examples in the book, those are just some I pulled from the text. And then there is the word cree, which I still don’t understand which word it is. And then sometimes, on top of these letters, the rule wouldn’t exist anymore. There wasn’t consistency.

Reading these words over and over did not make it easier to understand. I’d go back to the novel and be confused as to what they were talking about, and by the time I understood what all of the different letters meant I was tired and had a headache.

I also found the plot line to not have a good flow. I couldn’t figure out what the actual plot was. Usually there is a beginning, a conflict, a solution and then an end. There didn’t seem to be a real big conflict or a solution, the story just seemed to exist. It seemed like a story someone would make up to tell a child, with no distinct plot line but just random babbling. But, with the romance and fighting scenes, it seemed to be pushing the PG rating so it would go into Young Adult novel for those scenes.

I did enjoy this novel though. Despite all the problems it had, it was a very cute novel! Although, I would more likely read the novel to a child rather than suggest it to a friend. It seems like a book that would be much better suited in the manga or anime world, or even as a picture book! The story would fit much better with more pictures than just the few in it! It could bring children lots of joy!

Overall, it was an okay read. I wasn’t entirely impressed with it, and I love novels about fairies and fantasy and make believe!

Two out of five stars! The novel was hard to read with the mix matched letters, the hard to follow plot and the confusion over what age group it should be read to.

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Quick Review: Hashtag Magic: Blue Screen of Death by J. Steven Young


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Hashtag Magic Blue Screen of Death was a sweet novel that bordered on paranormal and fantasy fiction.

Blue Screen of Death seemed like it was trying to be the next Harry Potter for middle school aged children but with the desire to also be a Young Adult novel. I thoroughly enjoyed the plot line and the writing style, which seemed to be aimed at the Young Adult spectrum. Although, the plot itself seemed geared towards a younger audience.

I really enjoyed reading the novel, but I found that the plot became to confusing and needed a lot of explanation. Despite thoroughly reading this novel, I kept going back and re-reading parts to understand what was going on. What were these Runes described? Why was there a blue cat? There were far to many questions for me than answers.

Despite these minor issues, I really enjoyed this novel. It was cute, well written and well planned out.

Two out of five stars.

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Quick Book Review: Gabriel’s Inferno by Sylvain Reynard


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Gabriel’s Inferno was a sexy, sophisticated read and I am desperate for the next novel!

When I went to the book store and I wanted a Sylvain Reynard read (after reading The Raven) the book store associate warned me this was a “Fifty Shades of Grey-like novel”. Man, was that associate wrong!

This novel is far from Fifty Shades of Grey! The only comparisons I could find is that: they are both not short novellas, they are full length novels. They are also both romance novels, but many novels are romance novels.

Gabriel’s Inferno follows Gabriel and Julia (Or Julianne, a la Gabriel). Julia is shy and inexperienced in the land of boys. Gabriel is her professor. When Julia and Gabriel realize they know each other from a long time ago, their history brings them together and intertwines them.

The novel starts off rather slow, but once I was into it I was hooked! The novel is very sexy and seductive! If anything, this novel could have improved on throwing more romance and drama in before the finale of the novel. The secrets characters hold are revealed at a good pace, and the characters are not one note. Each character has many layers to them, which makes this read thoroughly addicting.

I’m hooked! Five out of five stars! Sylvain Reynard can do no wrong in my books!

Quick Review: The Castle of Desires by Neale Osborne


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The Castle of Desires was an interesting book that had two main plot lines: reality and stop motion.

The italics of the story was based in stop motion, at least that was my impression. The stop motion story was very strange and hard to follow in my opinion, but was well written. It wasn’t a story that I would want to read again, but I would suggest people read it due to the nature of the story. Two stories that link but don’t appear to.

The actual story following the real life adventures of Max, who isn’t what he appears to be. The story starts out very boring and slow, but picks up pace about 80% of the way in. Once you’re there, you are hooked and don’t want to put the book down!

Overall, the story was well planned out and written well, but it didn’t keep me to interested. At about half way through the book I was tempted to put the book down but I struggled through it. Neale Osborne could improve with his next book by putting more twists or action into his plot to keep it interesting.

It was good, and I liked it, but I would label it as “okay”. It didn’t stand out to me like other books have in the past. But still a great novel! Neale Osborne is a fabulous writers!

Those interested in Hollywood, fiction, and original stories would like this novel.

Two out of five stars.

I received this novel for free through Goodreads First Reads.

Quick Book Review: Pin Drop by Roz Monette



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** spoiler alert ** Pin Drop was shockingly incredible and was far from what I expected it to be!

I hate to say it, but Pin Drop is one of my favourite books in a long time! It has many wonderful elements that flow smoothly together and make it a fantastic read.

To begin with, this novel has a sarcastic sense of humor. Not an incredibly rude one, but a perfectly timed sense of humor. I loved this aspect of the novel. The main character, Pin Drop, has great timing and makes a comment at just the right time to brighten the novel up with a splash of humor.

Then, the story has an excellent set of characters. These characters are all unique and have different backgrounds, which is a good start. But, Roz Monette continues to build on these characters by adding more to their back story and personalities. None of the characters act out of place and they all grow throughout the novel. I appreciate that in a novel, and this brings this novel up another level compared to other similar books.

Roz Monette also adds to this novel with a beautiful, realistic plot. A young girl left to fend on her own in the current age – it happens more than you think! This plot shows how strong a girl can be and what people will go through to keep themselves safe.

Within this plot, to make my inner girlie girl happy, Roz throws in a small love story. It was sweet, cute, and also realistic for this time period. There were a few bumps in this, seeing as an adult man was willing to stay with a teenager, but that to happens in the real world so it didn’t affect the novel to much. I just see that bothering some readers in the future – but it’s not a terrible flaw, it shows character within the love interest. He actually likes the woman, not the looks or reputation it will give him (it’s not like she’d 13 and he’s 25, she’s almost an adult – 17 -so it seems very realistic)

If that wasn’t enough, the overlying theme of the entire novel was fantastic! If you work hard, stick to your guns and be strong, you can get through this. The many layers to this story show the main character going through hard times, but she continued to work through each of them. Yes, she had hiccups and speed bumps along the way, but she kept working to keep herself safe. She was determined to move her life forward, and that’s what she ended up doing.

Overall, I loved this book! I wish it were longer and had a billion sequels because I loved these characters so much!

Five out of five stars!

I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads.

Quick Book Review: The Shadow (The Florentine #2) by Sylvain Reynard


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Sylvain Reynard has another incredible novel in The Shadow.

This is the sequel to The Raven, and it doesn’t disappoint. While this novel doesn’t seem to move as fast as the first one, it is still delicious and intriguing.

I liked this novel, but I didn’t exactly love it. Yes, I was obsessed with knowing what would happen with the characters but I felt like it was missing something. There was a good amount of romance in it, and the action lacked a little. I felt like this book was more of a set up, since it explained a lot of the vampire politics involved in the story.

This series does have at least one more book (I heard a rumour it was two) so this book ended at the perfect little cliffhanger. It wasn’t a cliffhanger that left me angry at Sylvain for making me wait, but it was just enough – leaving me desperate for the next book but willing to wait.

Overall, I did enjoy this book! The first book was so incredible (and so was the Gabriel’s series) that I had really high expectations for this book, perhaps too high.

Four out of five stars. I can’t wait for the next book, I want it now!

Quick Book Reviews: Menagerie by Rachel Vincent




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Rachel Vincent has done it again with Menagerie!

This book was perfection in just over 400 pages! I wasn’t sure what to expect going in with such an odd idea behind the book, but it was incredible! Rachel Vincent never lets me down!

The book follows Delilah, a human who is forced to perform in the Metzger’s Menagerie of strange creatures. When she is pulled away from her normal, everyday life to suddenly becoming a circus animal, how will she take it? Rachel Vincent helps you find out!

Overall, I loved this book. I found the first half of the book very slow to get through, but the second half was a breeze. While it did take me a while to get through the first half of the novel, it’s still worth it. The first half isn’t boring, it’s just a little slow with introductions, character development and shocking plot devices. The second half has a lot more action and intrigue in it.

I loved this novel! I would recommend it to everyone and anyone! People who love fantasy, supernatural, shapeshifter, and story’s that open your eyes to touchy subjects will love this story!!

Five out of five stars!