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Quick Book Review: Song of Kai by Karpov Kinrade



Photo from Goodreads.

The Nightfall series is by far a swoon worthy set of novels. It not only is a great fictional read, but it takes you away on a mental adventure and leaves you completely breathless.

This bridge novel is no different. Song of Kai, which is between Night of Nyx and Daughter of Strife, takes you away from the real world, into a fantastical, epic realm.

It is in Princess Corinne’s point of view, and gives you an insight into her world. We are introduced to new characters that also give more life to this ever growing fictional world. Emotions run wild in this story, much like the entire series. It will leave you breathless and gripping on to every word that Karpov Kinrade writes.

This novel fills in some holes while you read it, so I think it would be a great read for any fan of the Nightfall series. It might not be a mandatory read, but it increases the interest in this beautifully written world so I suggest everybody who picks up the Nightfall series reads it.

It also teaches readers an important lesson – not everything is as it seems. A royal princess can easily be a butt-kicking, fierce protecting warrior.

5 out of 5 stars! An excellent read!

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