Quick Book Review: Playing the Game (Neighborly Affection #2) by MQ Barber



Photo via Goodreads.


If I could give this book 10 out of 5, I would. It is probably one of the most incredible romance novels I have ever gotten my hands on. And by romance, I mean erotica.

This novel is centered around Alice and her two handsome, hunky roommates Henry and Jay. But there’s something different about them…they really enjoy having three in the bedroom.

The story follows Alice engaging in some fun time with her two roommates, and boy is it hot.

If you are looking for some hot, dramatic erotica with two super hot men this is for you! This book will definitely satisfy some females who are looking for a book that is all about taking care of the women in the bedroom and not the man!!! It is kind of like your BDSM 101 course, as it is slowly starting out with some of your basics in the genre.

Our one love interest is kind of a puppy dog and is very silly, while the other speaks professionally (which can either be very hot or seem very stupid depending on how you like your novels).

This novel isn’t meant to win some crazy literary award or go for an Oscar, so don’t expect it to woo you with her literary language and metaphors. It is a hot romance!! Keep that in mind!

Overall, I enjoyed it. The book is not meant to be a realistic take on your average bedroom play. But it does give your imagination some very happy thoughts.

Five out of five stars! I want like a thousand more books in this series please!

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