Quick Review: Vreeland by Gabriel Strump



Photo via Goodreads.

Vreeland is a very cute novel!

This novel is an interesting one, since I would not label it as a story you read to children, yet it’s not exactly Young Adult material either. It seems to be placed somewhere inbetween the two, since there is romance and fighting that seems more along the lines of Young Adult, but the plot line seems very childish, like something I would read to a six year old.

I did find this novel extremely hard to read. The author types out the accents of the characters, so letters are not meant to sound like how they are supposed to sound. For example, V is an F. Vreeland is Fairyland. Vood is food, avraid is afraid, vree is very, vavorite is favorite. H is an R. You’he is you’re, wehe is were, they’he is they’re. Drakonfly is dragonfly. There are many more examples in the book, those are just some I pulled from the text. And then there is the word cree, which I still don’t understand which word it is. And then sometimes, on top of these letters, the rule wouldn’t exist anymore. There wasn’t consistency.

Reading these words over and over did not make it easier to understand. I’d go back to the novel and be confused as to what they were talking about, and by the time I understood what all of the different letters meant I was tired and had a headache.

I also found the plot line to not have a good flow. I couldn’t figure out what the actual plot was. Usually there is a beginning, a conflict, a solution and then an end. There didn’t seem to be a real big conflict or a solution, the story just seemed to exist. It seemed like a story someone would make up to tell a child, with no distinct plot line but just random babbling. But, with the romance and fighting scenes, it seemed to be pushing the PG rating so it would go into Young Adult novel for those scenes.

I did enjoy this novel though. Despite all the problems it had, it was a very cute novel! Although, I would more likely read the novel to a child rather than suggest it to a friend. It seems like a book that would be much better suited in the manga or anime world, or even as a picture book! The story would fit much better with more pictures than just the few in it! It could bring children lots of joy!

Overall, it was an okay read. I wasn’t entirely impressed with it, and I love novels about fairies and fantasy and make believe!

Two out of five stars! The novel was hard to read with the mix matched letters, the hard to follow plot and the confusion over what age group it should be read to.

I received this novel for free through Goodreads First Reads.