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Quick Book Review: Heart Prints by Anne Schober


Photo via Goodreads.

To be honest, I usually do not read books like this because I have no taste for them, but this book was a beautiful exception. This little book full of stories about how lives were changed and how to relate to other people and students warmed my heart up quite a bit.

At the beginning I wasn’t sure if I would be interested in the book, since I usually am more into fictional stories with grande adventures. Once I got into the book, reading about how lives were positively affected by other people and how one can change themselves to relate to others made me thoroughly enjoy this book.

The book is beautifully written with a great use of descriptive words where needed. I felt like I was reading a very well thought out essay for an English class (and I really enjoyed English class and editing essays).

It is hard to find one thing wrong about this book (other than the fact it is from a genre that I don’t usually read). This book can lift the spirits and teach the reader about how to relate to other people, not just students, and how a reader can possibly have a positive effect on another person’s lives.

Four out of five stars! Beautifully written and a wonderful, short read.

I also really enjoyed the fact that it was autographed and had a message specifically for me. It made my day brighten seeing the book specifically signed with my name by the author with a little message.

I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads.

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