Quick Book Review: Dora Versus Picasso by Cecil Jenkins


Photo via Goodreads.

This book was nonfiction gold! When I was younger, I was really into art so I decided to pick up this book about an artist that I was obsessed with when I was under the age of ten.

This novel follows Pablo Picasso and one of his many lovers, Dora. While the beginning experienced a slow start, once I was five chapters in I could not put this book down.

Many events in this book reflect the actual events that occurred, but are written in a more fictional way than a non fiction informational book. Having this book being written in the fictional, story telling format made this book more enjoyable and made me feel like I was actually there witnessing Picasso paint.

This book was beautifully written, and after the fact when I looked up the paintings to see how they compared to the descriptions in the novel, I was in awe of how descriptive the author was.

I usually dislike non fiction books, but picking this book up made me really reconsider the amount of dislike I have for them. If all works were based on non fiction like this book, I would feel the need to pick more books up.

The downside I saw to this book, was that I wanted a little more insight into the relationships Picasso had with the ex wife (who is only mentioned and not in a lot of the action of the novel) and with his currently lover and not mistress (Marie).

Overall, I loved this book. When this book finished, I was frustrated that I couldn’t read more (which is not a bad thing at all)! I would definitely read another book by Cecil Jenkins after reading this amazing gem! This work of art (oh the puns and irony!).

Five out of five stars! I was unable to put this book down and I demand more! Also, it was signed by the author which made this book a little bit more special for me! (Okay, maybe a lot more special).

I received this book for free through Good Reads First Reads.

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