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Karpov Kinrade hits another home run with Moonlight Prince!

The Vampire Girls series has been an incredible series that keeps bringing home the gold. Each book has been a step up from the last and this one was no exception! While it’s heartbreaking to know this series is ending, it’s nice to see it ended on the author’s terms and not continued just to make a few bucks.

Ari’s story is continued, leaving us with twists, turns and surprises you’d never expect! It will pull at your heart strings, lead you down paths you never thought you’d follow and ignore a fire inside of every reader! This book is fantastic and it’s a must read for all readers!

Without giving anything away, you can be sure that Karpov Kinrade have made an excellent novel. It is obviously they took time to create a fantastical plot to keep the reader’s enchanted. This book will not disappoint if you’d read the rest of the Vampire Girl series. And be sure to read the rest of the series to truly see how wonderful this book is!

This journey is a fantastic read for all readers and is definitely a must read for every fantasy fan!

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