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#BookReview In Her Court by Tamsen Parker

In Her Court by Tamsen Parker is a goofy, geeky read filled with Tamsen Parker is not one to stick to the same plot over and over in every read, and that's what makes this book so unique compared to the others. This time around, Tamsen has explored an F/F relation (or two females if… Continue reading #BookReview In Her Court by Tamsen Parker

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#BookReview SpaceMan by Tom Abrahams

SpaceMan by Tom Abrahams I'm not much of a space person - I wasn't impressed with The Martian (film, not book. I will eventually get to the novel...), and I have never been super into the whole "space" thing (unless it's Star Wars). But, I love reading books in different genres! I don't like reading… Continue reading #BookReview SpaceMan by Tom Abrahams

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#BookReview Halfway Hunted by Terry Maggert (Halfway Witchy #3)

Carlie is back again in Halfway Hunted by Terry Maggert! This witchy tale brings more action, adventure and romance to this ever expanding world. These characters continue to delight me with each page that passes. While, to me, this book isn't as fantastic as the last two, I think it has definitely put this series… Continue reading #BookReview Halfway Hunted by Terry Maggert (Halfway Witchy #3)