#BookReview Rogue Hearts (Anthology) by Tamsen Parker, Amy Jo Cousins, and more


And that’s putting it lightly.

Yet again, the “Rogue” anthologies fill my day up with some romantic delight and some newly discovered authors (for me, anyways). To summarize, this anthology is full of cute romances that made me yearn for more from these authors. Each story had their own unique spins on a typical romance, and some delved into genres I had never even imagined a romance to be in! It’s a real gem!

Now to break it down, short and sweet (in no specific order):

In Her Service by Suleikha Snyder
5 out of 5
This was one of the best short stories I’ve ever read, and I mean short. It was faaaaaar too short, yet full of absolute delight! I loved the first black, female Vice President Letitia Hughes and the wonderful agent Shahzad Khan. Make an entire series out of these two! Or relationships in this White House. Pleeeeeease! Do I have to beg? This story was sexy, full of ooey gooey romance I so needed on a day after an exam, and a must read.

Good Men by Tamsen Parker
5 out of 5
I loved another round of Tamsen’s SIC side stories being introduced. These characters made my heart melt, and I found it was just the perfect length. It was fast paced, heart melting and I AM OBSESSED with these characters. Somehow Tamsen manages to keep me hooked with every new book (she’s like the author version of Marvel)! Keep up the good work Tamsen!

Run by Emma Barry
This was probably my favourite out of the whole set (Suleikha and Tamsen weren’t far behind though). It was far to short, and these two characters need a series all on their own. Maddie Clark and Adam Kadlick were likable characters and had a fantastic arc throughout the story. I also really enjoyed the political plot (surprisingly! I don’t normally go for political novels). The story is fun, dramatic, fast-paced and sweet! I need more from this couple ASAP, but I may settle by trying to find some Emma Barry novels.

Rogue Files by Stacey Agdern
4 out of 5
Stacey Agdern is this weird author who I see her name a lot but haven’t read any books by yet (it’s very odd how much I see her name yet haven’t picked a book up yet. I’m slacking!). I found Rogue Files to be a really interesting read – sports broadcasters? I hadn’t even thought of that as a genre, and yet Stacey ROCKED it! John Dicenza and Sophie Katz were a delight to read about too! I slowly fell in love with these characters along this fun, unique ride! What a hit!

Coming Up Rosa by Kelly Maher
4 out of 5
A toy company too?! Seriously, these authors have way more creative juices than I expected. I never would have thought of a romance set in a toy company-esque setting. This story totally fit in this fun anthology with it’s unique take on romance! After this read I want to pick up way more by Kelly Maher in the future! She’s an author to watch out for!

The Sheriff and Mr. Devin by Amy Jo Cousins
4 out of 5
First of all, the title had me hooked. That title alone didn’t seem to fit into this anthology, so of course it spiked my interest! Along with Stacey Agdern, Amy Jo Cousins is another author who I see a lot of yet I haven’t read very much by. This story proves me wrong in my lack of reading because the story was incredible! It was short, but it worked! Normally I’m quite frustrated with short stories, but Amy Jo Cousins makes a lasting impression with this cute and fantastic story!

Final thoughts:

I think the order of this anthology was off – it started with two political stories, so I felt like all of the stories were going to be political (and spoiler alert – they aren’t). I think this anthology has the perfect mix of stories with romance and uniqueness, but the order threw me off. It doesn’t ruin the experience, it just gives a different impressions.


I received a copy of this book from the fantastic Tamsen Parker in exchange for an honest review.

Comment below with your favourite story from any of the Rogue anthology sets!

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