#BooKReview Fast Backward by David Patnaude



Fast Backward by David Patneaude is a beautiful war story that is perfect for a younger generation!

I really liked this novel! Typically, war novels are not my forte but David makes this novel fun to read. Not only does it introduce some of the actual history of WW2, but it also gives insight into other possibilities. Honestly, if my grade 10 history class had made us read something like this, I probably would have been more into history.

I’m not sure whether to label this a Young Adult or New Adult novel. I think pre-teens all the way up to adults would like this book. But if I’m being specific, it seems like it is written for Young and New Adults in particular. It’s a more PG version of war, which can introduce a larger target audience into the events of the second World War. It’s not gory or brutal by any means, but it helps get the basic points across (family separation, death, bombs, etc). With that being said, it’s not “realistic” – the brutality of war is true insanity if you’ve ever looked into it – but for the target audience, I think it’s just enough introduction to what the real horrors were so if they were interested, they could then go and read more about it.

If I delve a little more into the book, I really liked the characters! Bobby/Robert was an excellent character to follow and Cocoa was the perfect companion! The relationship between all of the characters seem sincere and not forced. You can tell that David put effort into building his characters and working into them into the story. Additionally, the story arcs these characters follow build across the novel instead of just suddenly happening.

The finale of the novel ends with a nice, full circle ending. It addresses comments from the beginning of the book and finishes the story to a nice end. There’s no cliff hangers or plots left unanswered. I loved that part of the book with each end tying up well!

My last little comments:
Aesthetically, I really liked the font of the chapter numbers. This might not stay the same to the final version (I had a PDF copy), but I thought it really complimented the book.

The Andrews Sisters reference was FANTASTIC! I love Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy. I have a crazy fondness for older music, so this reference probably made this ensure book 100x better for me.

Overall, this book is top tier! It’s addicting, fast paced and tells a beautiful story I think everyone should read! I really hope more people read this book!!!

Five out of five stars!

I received a free copy of this novel from the author David Patneaude in exchange for an honest review.


About this book:

atomic explosion near a top secret New Mexico army base in
July of 1945. Terrified, he soon heads off on his bike for home,
only to encounter something that rivals the blast for drama. A
girl his age stands naked at the side of the lonely desert road:
underweight, unwell, and speaking with a German accent. In
the coming days, she unveils an impossible story about time
travel and a heartbreaking outcome of the war. She begs people
to believe her warning and prevent the awful future she claims
to know too well. But even if they do believe her, and the story
is true, the biggest question remains: can history be undone?

It will be distributed by Ingram, and will be available widely! It is going to be published by the Publisher Koehler Books


Check out David Patneaude’s website: http://www.patneaude.com/

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Comment below – what is your favourite story about the World Wars?

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