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#BookReview The Descendant: The Curse of the Fairy Queen by Ellie Hart



The Descendant: Curse of the Fairy Queen is a fantastical, paranormal novel.

This novel felt like a YA on steroids – there was drama, romance, fairies, tragedy, mystery and thrills throughout.

I’m on the fence about this book – there were some really awesome parts of the story, but there were sections that lacked essential characteristics. The plot and story itself it really cool – dark fairies, mystery, tragedy – all of that put together can make one epic story! But there were parts of this story that didn’t sit well with me – lack of grief, pointless conversations/scenes. I’m the type of person who goes overboard in her own writing, but I like reading plots that only include essential information. With that in mind, the book is fantastic – it’s just not my perfect read.

Now for my pros and cons

My pros of the novel: more fairies! I love fairies and don’t read enough books with them in it! These fairies aren’t like the pretty, fun fantasy fairies either! They were dark fairies that are more aligned with the mythical side of fairies. The plot this story follows is also unique. While you could probably guess who some of the villains are, I really liked the twists the finale took in this book! This ending will leave many options open for future books in the series.

I also love the Merlin and King Arthur references!

My cons: way to many characters. This book felt like Game of Thrones when relating it to characters – there was also a lot of nicknames for the main character. Jenna, Jennifer, Joseph, Jason/Jay, Jessie, Taylor, Jeremy/Julian, Danny, Detective Greyson, Jack, Garry, Nathaniel, Jean, Caitlyn/Cat/Kitty/Kitten/Beale – so many names to remember! Some of these characters probably could have been mashed into one who did the same amount of work into the book, but that’s just my opinion. I live by the Star Wars original trilogy rules – only keep things in that are necessary to the story. If a few of these characters had been removed and their plot devices were put on another character, I feel like the story could have worked a bit better.

This part – it could be a pro or a con, depending on your favourite genres – the drama in this book was definitely high school drama. These kids are high school kids, so it makes sense, but if you are looking for a dramatic fantasy lacking silly high school drama (for example – getting dramatic about who people have slept with), then this book might not be for you!

I feel with a little fine tuning, this book would be a step above many other novels in this genre! If Ellie Hart keeps writing, I can only imagine how much talent she will gain by her next book!

PS – “Green Briar” – I kinda love that ‘Briar’ is in this story!

Three out of five stars!

I received a copy of this book from Pipe and Thimble Publishing in exchange for an honest review.


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