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#BookReview Free Fall by Emma Barry & Genvieve Turner

  Free Fall by Emma Barry is one of the sweetest, feel good books of the year! Thank you to Tamsen Parker who suggested I pick up books by Emma Barry! I can't thank her enough, because Emma's writing is beautiful and matches perfectly with my reading style. Free Fall is about Dean and Vivian,… Continue reading #BookReview Free Fall by Emma Barry & Genvieve Turner

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#BookReview Night School by Mari Mancusi

Night School is another hit by Mari Mancusi that will leave you hooked and breathless. So we've seen vampires, and we've seen lycan...but can you believe that Mari Mancusi added in another magical creature? Yup. She did! Fairies! When I initially read these books when they came out, I'll admit I didn't like the fairies… Continue reading #BookReview Night School by Mari Mancusi

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#BookReview Hidden Fires by Sandra Brown

This book took WAY to long to read for me, if I'm being brutally honest. Normally I am SO OBSESSED with a romance novel that can get me away from the world and take me to my dreamy state of mind, but this book didn't do it for me. It was a little disappointing, but… Continue reading #BookReview Hidden Fires by Sandra Brown

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#BookReview One Step Ahead by Denver Murphy

This book  is a fascinating thriller that will leave you on the edge of your seat! I really liked this novel, especially since it was refreshing and exciting to read. At every twist and turn I was hooked and wanted more! One of the best parts of this novels if the changing point of views.… Continue reading #BookReview One Step Ahead by Denver Murphy

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#BookReview Assumption by Aurora Rose Reynolds

  Tamsen Parker recommended "A Love Thing" anthology to me, and this book was apart of it - so I figured it was only right to leave a small review of this book on it's own page as well as the anthology when I finish that book. My first introduction to this book is the… Continue reading #BookReview Assumption by Aurora Rose Reynolds

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#BookReview Guessing at Normal by Gail Ward Olmsted

The Book Review Guessing at Normal is a roller coaster ride of emotions from the ever-fantastic author Gail Ward Olmsted. Gail's writing just clicks with me - it pulls at my emotions, it keeps me hooked and has me addicted to every word on the page! Picking up this novel, which follows a rock star… Continue reading #BookReview Guessing at Normal by Gail Ward Olmsted

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#BookReview Always Been You by Sadie Allen

  Always Been You by Sadie Allen is a roller coaster of a ride full of romance, drama and action! Wow. Wow. Wow! I did not expect this book to be so packed tight of insanity! Sadie Allen does a fantastic job of writing a fantastical tale about a long lost romance, but she throws… Continue reading #BookReview Always Been You by Sadie Allen

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#BookReview The King’s Peace by Kevin Hammond

  The King's Peace is an epic fantasy read to add to your collection! Fantasy is one of those genres where it can go anywhere - medieval, dragons, superheroes, magic, gods, monsters, creatures, etc - so reading a fantasy book is always a pleasant surprise! This novel focuses on Kings, Dragons, Magic, Gods and action… Continue reading #BookReview The King’s Peace by Kevin Hammond

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#BookReview Unlimited by Kevin Miller

  Unlimited by Kevin Miller is a must read fiction novel for all young readers! I always loved middle-grade fiction, and this book proves my point! Some of the best creative plots come in the form of middle grade fiction, and I wish this would have been a book my teachers read to us in… Continue reading #BookReview Unlimited by Kevin Miller

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#BookReview Uninvited Quests by Lex Wilson

  Uninvited Quests is a comedic journey full of fantasy and hilarity! If I had to describe this book with a quote from within it, "You're a worrier, and I am a warrior." It's one of the best quotes of the novel, and the book's tagline could easily be 'Are you a worrier or a… Continue reading #BookReview Uninvited Quests by Lex Wilson