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#BookReview Buckminster’s Ball by JA Zaremski

This book was very well written, but did not keep me interested at any point. In this book, you follow a suicidal man who has lost his wife as he teaches a high school soccer team how to play the game. While the book describes the game in a very beautiful way and gives lots… Continue reading #BookReview Buckminster’s Ball by JA Zaremski

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#BookReview Second Guessing by Gail Ward Olmsted

The Book Review Second Guessing by Gail Ward Olmsted is a lovely sequel to Guessing at Normal that shouldn't be missed! I thought this book was a fantastic addition to this series - this time with Jill falling for Ben (a much younger guy). It was a nice twist on the story of older woman,… Continue reading #BookReview Second Guessing by Gail Ward Olmsted

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#BookReviews Girls That Growl by Mari Mancusi

Girls that Growl by Mari Mancusi is a great addition to the Blood Coven Vampires series. This book continues this series in an excellent manner all the while expanding the universe even farther. Our lead, Rayne, grows as a character which is a nice change compared to many YA novels where our leads stay the… Continue reading #BookReviews Girls That Growl by Mari Mancusi

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#BookReview Elves Get Organized? by Katja Vartiainen

  Elves Get Organized by Katja Vartiainen is a cute, fun adventure! Just the first page alone, with the super cute owl and squirrel, made me squirm with excitement! I love a colourful graphic novel, especially since I rarely get to read them! This story is all about elves! This book starts off with a… Continue reading #BookReview Elves Get Organized? by Katja Vartiainen

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#BookReview Commune by Java Davis

Time for a quick review, throwback thursday style!! This was a cute little book, but it did not spike my interest as much as I would have hoped for. This book follows a small apple commune in what was described as a comedy, but I found to be quite boring to be honest. The story… Continue reading #BookReview Commune by Java Davis

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#BookReview Blood by Ruth Miranda

  Blood by Ruth Miranda is a paranormal novel full of thrills, suspense and mystery! Vampires? Fey? Visions? This book is hitting every notch on the fantastical belt of epicness! I truly found this book intriguing and couldn't put it down. It starts off as a character study, following Caius (also known as Chaos), who… Continue reading #BookReview Blood by Ruth Miranda

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#AuthorInterview Erato, author of The Virgin and the Bull

Welcome to my new series, #AuthorInterview where I interview authors of all kinds to find out a little more about them.   For my first interview in this series, I introduce to you the author Erato.   To begin with, I'm going to request something of you instead of asking a question. As an introduction… Continue reading #AuthorInterview Erato, author of The Virgin and the Bull

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Collection 1: #TopTens – Children’s Fiction Part 1

Welcome to my new collection of blog posts! This collection will be all about my favourite books in specific genres. My goal is to collect awesome books together to provide some new to-read novels for readers! There will be multiple parts to each collection since I have read so many good books by so many… Continue reading Collection 1: #TopTens – Children’s Fiction Part 1

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#BookReview Half Done Fun by Katja Vartiainen

  Half Done Fun by Katja Vartiainen is a unique book for all of your doodling fun! This book is seriously fun! I always liked drawing, colouring and painting when I was younger but slowly lost it as I got older (and had less time to do all the fun things I did in my… Continue reading #BookReview Half Done Fun by Katja Vartiainen

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#BookReview Savior by A. King Bradley

Savior by A. King Bradley This novel was a great read - it was a mix of fantasy, paranormal and superhero all rolled up into one beautiful package. Within this story, I get the feeling you are supposed to pity Adam (our main character). His story is daring and full of action and drama, but… Continue reading #BookReview Savior by A. King Bradley