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#BookReview Willing Victim by Cara McKenna



Willing Victim by Cara McKenna is MEGA HOT. Insanely hot. I’m not normally into that sort of romance, but my goodness.

My full review will be in A Love Thing anthology, but I wanted to leave a small review and rating for this book as well. Because, OMG it was mega hot and incredible. I 100% need to read more by Cara McKenna and now I want to read this series.

This book is full of boxing, rough romance and intense scenes. Cara has written some really hot scenes in this book that make it rated R for sure! While the book is rough, I think the story is incredibly addicting. She makes you love these characters and feel breathless at every turn. The book is not meant to be turned into an Oscar-winning film, but man does it hit all the notes for an extremely erotic romance.

It’s Fifty Shades of Grey on steroids, but with better writing skills and styles entwined. If you like risque reads, then this book is 100% for you! I really grew to enjoy it and I want to read more by Cara ASAP.

Five out of five stars!

(PS Thanks Tamsen Parker for introducing me to this story!).


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