#BookReview The Virgin and the Bull by Erato



This noir novel gives a unique feel that is incredibly hard to achieve in literature these days.

The flowing, intense language that uses expansive words to describe the wonders within this book. The language felt like Shakespeare (despite being in a different prose and style) – which really struck a cord with me. I love flowery language to help describe the world!

I really liked the explanations in the footnotes about parts of history the readers and audience might not be aware of. I do think this could be a potential downfall for some readesr if they are easily distracted or not used to footnotes. In my opinion, I thought it really helped out the reading experience, but this won’t necessarily apply to every reader. There were many footnotes (it felt like at least one on every page), just to give potential readers an idea of what they are in for.

The series of letters and notes made this book feel more real than just a typical fictional novel – added to the experience – it also makes the reader see the story from a different point of view. It does go into a first-person retelling, despite being told in letters so it still feels like a “normal” story.

The letters followed many characters, and it was interesting seeing how different characters spoke to the others depending on their relationship. I’m definitely impressed with the author’s style and attention to detail with this book. It was sharp and on point in relation to it’s intelligence in this thriller genre.

If I’m giving the book a rating, it’s an R. There is definitely some adult content within the book, so I’d be wary if you aren’t ready to read some darker or sexier scenes with some graphic, erotic language. That being said, some of the language used in the graphic scenes sounded quite silly (despite being accurate) – so I had a good giggle! I also had a great chuckle when I realized that this adult content was written in a letter with lots of description! I can only imagine what the mailman would say if he accidentally opened the mail that day…

There are some very brutal, R rated scenes that I wouldn’t recommend for the light hearted. I cannot express enough that this book is dark.

Overall, the content is just utterly insane! I loved every second of this book and got hooked more and more as each page went by!

Five out of five stars!

I received a free copy of this book from the author Erato in exchange for an honest review.


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