#BookReview 8th Grade Fugitive



Oh man, who doesn’t love a book about kids skateboarding?! I thought skateboarding was the COOLEST thing as a kid, so this book would have been right up my alley!

Richard Clark brings a fun narrative yet again to the children’s genre. His writing is fun, electric and full of comedy! The best part about these books is that it feels like it’s written by a kid. Richard has an excellent talent for making the narrator sound sweet and as smart as any kid! I feel like I’m being whisked back to my childhood reading these books, since he can really get you into the mind of these characters.

Some of the references, like grey matter, might go over the heads of some kids but I thought it was great! Kids having to look up new words isn’t a bad thing by any degree!

My biggest con for this book was that it was way too short! It’s a fun read, but it could have been longer and been just as awesome! If it was going to remain this short, I think some pictures would really bump it up to the next level. Either way, it’s short and sweet. It’ll make a great, quick read for kids interested in action packed stories with a pinch of mystery!

Four out of five stars!


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Goodreads – 8th Grade Fugitive

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1 thought on “#BookReview 8th Grade Fugitive”

  1. My family does a ton of read alouds together. I think my son would love this. He’s 7 so he’s still reading closer to that level, but my wife or I read to him every day. Sometimes it’s a struggle to find things that are exciting enough to get his interest up. Thanks for the recommendation.


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