#BookReview Men Among Sirens by Jennifer Olmstead


Men Among Sirens was a beautiful gem that I couldn’t put down.

At first when I began the novel, I was unsure if it would have a good plot. The novel follows three generations, but mainly the “middle” or middle aged couple. The mother, Ainsley, describes to Ruby her past after Ruby finds out a dark family secret.

Overall, I found the plot very exciting and realistic. Even though there wasn’t exploding cars action or Fifty Shades romance it was incredible! This novel shoes the strength of a woman when she is facing a crisis in her family. The characters felt real, and the situations felt real as well. Tragedy does happen, and Jennifer Olmstead shows just how people actually react to it in this amazing novel.

If there was anything wrong with the novel, I would have wanted to see more from Ruby’s point of view or the Grandmother’s. I would have liked to see all three generations play a bigger role than just following Ainsley’s story. Even without seeing all three generations’s stories, it was still excellent!

This fictional novel was fantastic! I honestly couldn’t put it down!

Four out of five stars!

I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads.


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