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#BookReview Pandora’s Lunch Box: Don’t Open! by Richard Clark



Richard Clark has another winner on his hand with Pandora’s new book!

The cover itself was really cool – it gave me “Inside Out” (by Pixar) vibes. It’s unique and not following the typical trend with recent covers (which I love, by the way! Uniqueness for the win!).

Pandora’s sense of curiosity reminds me of myself when I was younger (and reminds me of many kids I know too!). Curiosity is a common trait among kids, which is sometimes lacking from children’s novels and middle grade books. When you mix in the wide range of hysterical characters (that meet every middle grade trope in the book), well, you’ve got one awesome story!

Pandora really wants to know what’s in a sandwich – and she seems like quite the science wiz! I loved that she was her own character with epic quirks. I’m tired of boring characters without personalities. Thank you Richard Clark! I also really loved the reference to Pandora (and the fact that she has a box she shouldn’t open). That reference might go over the heads of most kids, but for adults reading it, it’s absolutely hilarious! And really appreciated! It’s G rated adult humor!

I’d say this book is a sweet fantasy novel (if you are looking for a specific genre), to a small degree. What else would you call an almost magical lunch box?

There’s also some pictures floating about this book, which are really cute and funny! They were awesome, and helped show me some of the characters. The pictures are of the vices within Pandora’s box.

Overall, the story is absolutely silly, but is the perfect middle grade story. It’s not very long, so it’s perfect for a bedtime read or for some zany fun in the middle of the day.

Four out of five stars!


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