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#BookReview My Snowman, Paul by Yossi Lapid



My Snowman, Paul is a great addition to your child’s bookshelf!

I loved the bright purples within this book – all of the contrasting colours worked well in the soft setting. The art style itself was so soft and smooth, which was very nice on the eyes.

There’s lots of rhyming in this book! Us, fuss, fun, anyone, etc! The rhyming scheme is definitely fun and enjoyable as you follow along with the story.

The main theme of this story seemed to be – do what you love no matter what other people say. Bill, the boy who thinks Snowmen are dumb, taunts Dan. When Dan’s Mom tells him to go build a snowman anyway, he learns that it’s great to do what you love even if other people don’t see the fun in it. He even made a new best friend, Paul the snowman!

The book is very short (barely 15 pages) but is a nice, quick read for your children! It’s cute, fun and tells a great lesson for all kids!

Four out of five stars!

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