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#BookReview The F.L.U.B. Club by Richard Clark

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What happens when a kid wants to become a billionaire? Well, they create a club, of course! Marty Gundy wants to be REALLY rich, so he made a club called FIUB (but it turned into FLUB) so all of the future internet ultra-billionaires could hang out! Marty is a tech whiz, which is why he will eventually be super duper rich.

I love this book because as a kid I always wanted to create a really cool school club or be apart of one. It attaches to those feelings that most kids have. Richard Clark has done this in every book I’ve read by him so far – he knows how to write in the mind of a child and really connect and identify with the reader.

Now, this story is SHORT. It’s sweet and to the point, which makes it an excellent bedtime read for your youngings! It’s also enjoyable for adults, but it really meets the children’s novel/middle grade inbetween transition age where you want to read more advanced books but don’t want to commit to a long story. I didn’t enjoy this book as much as I liked Richard’s other books, but I did think it was fun and a definite must read for anyone looking for a story to read their child! I highly recommend this book!

Overall, I thought this story was fun! It’s cute, funny and really smart! I’d love for more children’s books to be full of this level of intelligence!

Three out of five stars.


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