#BookReview The Inside Track by Tamsen Parker



The Inside Track is an absolutely hilarious, fun and romantic read by the always wonderful Tamsen Parker!

This is definitely one of my favourite books, and I’m not just saying that! I found this book to be so upbeat and fun as well as utterly romantic and cute. Nick and Dempsey are just the perfect set of lead characters to be the front runners of this not so typical romance novel.

Nick is a “Tasmanian devil”, as Dempsey says in the novel. He bounces all over the place, moving a mile a minute. The boy can barely focus on one thing at a time, but he’s still ridiculously cute and sweet. He might have his “flaws”, but man is he a great leading man! He’s sassy, goofy and full of fun throughout the entire book. On top of that, he felt quite real.

Dempsey is quite the opposite – she’s an introvert and has an anxiety disorder. Her and Nick make this perfect pair – despite being total opposites, they understand each other. They work through things together and felt more real than a lot of romantic pairs I’ve read in the past little while. I would strive to be like them to be brutally honest.

I love that this book made these potential issues feel real and not go too over the top. I can understand being introverted and having anxiety to the n-th degree, which made me really feel for Dempsey. I think this book made our character’s issues feel real and do in a respectful way. That’s really all I can ask for in a novel.

What really made this book stand out for me was Tamsen’s way with words – “A breeze in a sealed off room”. Like, wow! I really do feel honored to be able to join Tamsen on her writing journey. With every book she’s keeps getting better and better! The metaphors and similes in this book just blew me away! And it’s not just her way with words, it’s that the sentence felt so true in the story. Seriously, A+ in English for Tamsen! A freaking plus!

If I had one downfall for this book, it would be the following: This book does take place over time, but it didn’t feel like it. That’s probably on me since I binged the whole book (can you blame me? I love Tamsen and her writing) but that stuck out to me. Out of the whole book, that was my only issue. Tamsen does make the time jumps clear, but my brain didn’t want to accept it.

Overall, another lovely book! I’m always down for a cute book from Tamsen and this hit the spot! I can’t wait for the next read! This book will sit high upon my digital shelf for being one of my favourite romances of all time. The fun, the style, the sassiness, the sarcasm, the hilarity and the utter cuteness of this couple ranks high upon my lists!

Five out of five stars!

I received a free copy of this book from the author, Tamsen Parker, in exchange for an honest review.



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