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#BookReview Reclaiming Raven by Mary Holt

    Reclaiming Raven is an intense thriller by Mary Holt. If you're looking for a book that will blow your mind, Reclaiming Raven fits the bill. I was truly blown away by the intensity of this book, since I really wasn't expecting it to be so wild. Raven is trying to escape her abusive… Continue reading #BookReview Reclaiming Raven by Mary Holt

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#BookReview Naked by Kay Brandt

Naked by Kay Brandt is an Survivor-esque erotica. Cadence and Jackson are the leads in this exciting, Survivor like show where they travel to Madagascar and must survive in the wilderness. The main plot sees them filming their episode for the famous television show, but it's more than just that. This book is filled with… Continue reading #BookReview Naked by Kay Brandt

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#BookReview The Gift by Stephanie M. Matthews

The Gift by Stephanie M. Matthews was a horrific, thrilling treat! This psychological, thrill ride of a novel showcases a unique take on religion. If Fae crazy? She's hearing voices and a Gift from her grandmother has led her into some tempting and daunting situations. Will she get out alive? Will her friends survive? You'll… Continue reading #BookReview The Gift by Stephanie M. Matthews

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#BookReview Fly With Me by Hudson Lin

  If you're looking for the cutest romance ever, pick up this tremendously amazing book by Hudson Lin. The always fabulous Tamsen Parker introduced me to Hudson Lin, and one thousands thanks for her! Hudson Lin has been a recent favourite of mine so I jumped at the chance to pick up another book by… Continue reading #BookReview Fly With Me by Hudson Lin

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#BookReview The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

The Handmaid's Tale is a book that I have been debating over since high school. Everyone I know from high school absolutely HATED this book (with a ridiculously strong passion) yet I had this feeling that I should read it anyways. After watching the 2017 television adaptation and LOVING it, I decided it was probably… Continue reading #BookReview The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

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#TopBooksList Briar’s Top Romance Novels

It's time for another Top 10 List!! This time around I'm tackling romance. I typically read a lot of romance novels, so this list has been growing rapidly. Luckily, there are so many good books out there that I can make multiple lists! This will be Part 1 of my romance list. All of these… Continue reading #TopBooksList Briar’s Top Romance Novels

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#BookReview Tamisan by Susan McKenzie

Tamisan by Susan McKenzie was an epic, action-packed, sci-fi fueled novel! Action. Adventure. Sci-Fi. New Adult. Thriller. Suspense. Fantasy. Supernatural. All of those terms can directly be applied to this magnificent novel by Susan McKenzie. Seriously, I didn't know what I was in for when I picked up this book! The synopsis makes this seem… Continue reading #BookReview Tamisan by Susan McKenzie


Happy Spring 2019 from Briar’s Reviews

Happy 2019 readers! Since I'm picking up my reading speed lately since I've just graduated from my current program, I figured I might as well poll the crowd on what type of content people would like to see! I will be busy again in September, but for the next couple of months I'd love to… Continue reading Happy Spring 2019 from Briar’s Reviews

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#BookReview I Am Radar by Reif Larsen

I am Radar by Reif Larsen is a character study of a black man born to white parents. This book was very slow and hard for me to read, I have to be upfront about that. The book is written beautifully and Reif Larsen is a terrific writer, but I just couldn't get into this… Continue reading #BookReview I Am Radar by Reif Larsen

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#BookReview Rogue Ever After Anthology Collection by Tamsen Parker, Hudson Lin, et al.

This final collection in the Rogue series has proven to be another lovely addition! This LGBTQ+ book is full of sweet (and sometimes sexy!) stories. F/F, M/M, poly and more, with each having a different focus. Some of the stories center around politics, Hollywood and even just good, old-fashioned relationships. I can't get enough of… Continue reading #BookReview Rogue Ever After Anthology Collection by Tamsen Parker, Hudson Lin, et al.