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#BookReview Naked by Kay Brandt

Naked by Kay Brandt is an Survivor-esque erotica.

Cadence and Jackson are the leads in this exciting, Survivor like show where they travel to Madagascar and must survive in the wilderness. The main plot sees them filming their episode for the famous television show, but it’s more than just that. This book is filled with sexy, erotic scenes from behind the scenes of this show. The producers and filmmakers, the leads and the relationships outside of the show. It’s wild, hot and purely erotic.

This book does have a bit of a narrative since Cadence and Jackson do have to survive in the wilderness, but I’d say it’s more erotic than drama. I like the inclusion of a plot that isn’t just about sex, because it felt like it spiced up the book a bit more. I like having a little story in my eroticas so it’s not just sex.

That being said, it’s absolutely an R rated novel. The book is rather short – around 200 pages – so it’s an easy read to binge. I binged the whole book and I found it worked well that way.

Naked is almost a “stereotypical” erotica – the way they speak isn’t always realistic but it’s intended to make you hot and bothered. If you’re looking for Shakespeare, this isn’t the book for you!

The worst part of this book is how it ends – a cliffhanger. Those dreaded cliffhangers drive me absolutely NUTS (pun intended), but don’t be worried loyal readers! The book hints at a sequel to this novel so you’re not left hanging.

I’d recommend this book if you like books with lots of sex or something that is highly erotic. If you’re like me a like a little plot in your eroticas, pick this one up! I’d definitely say this some quality work from Kay Brandt!

Four out of five stars!

I received this book for free from the author, Kay Brandt, in exchange for an honest review.

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