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#BookReview Gods in Oslo by John Plaski

Gods in Oslo by John Plaski is a thrilling ride full of super power-like abilities, Odin and the gods and love of action!

This book looks very daunting – it’s over 400 pages and looked WAY to big to tackle, but I did it anyways. It was one of the greatest decisions I ever made, because it was ridiculously cool! This was one of those books I was actually interested in and wanted to read more.

John Plaski creates a world and builds it exponentially in this book. Kaitlin, Marc and Claire are on an adventure. They have superior abilities that makes them stronger than your average human. As they try to solve some problems and fight bad guys, things don’t go according to plan…

I felt like this book needed to be binged. I put this book down for a few days, jumped back in, and I forgot half of what happened. There is so much world building and unique story telling elements, that it was just too much for me to remember. If I would have binged the book and not put it down for longer than a day, I feel like I would have loved it even more. What’s even more troubling is that every character has two names (a “normal” first and last name, and a name representing their abilities). I couldn’t keep them straight when I jumped away from the book. I almost wish there would have been an index or summary of all of the names in the back of my copy of the book to help me out.

Despite the troubles I had with this book, John Plaski has made one truly remarkable novel. The book makes you think and pulls you in to the point of addiction. The unique themes and commentary throughout the book got me involved more so than I do with my typical fiction books. I love books like this! Throw in the fact it felt like a fantasy meets spy/thriller novel… yeah, it was worth the read.

Overall, I think this book was a wonderful first novel from John Plaski. He has a real knack for writing and he’ll only get better with the more books he writes and releases. I hope he continues writing because this book was really cool!

I’d definitely recommend this book if you like thrillers, fast paced books, fantasy (along the lines of Greek/Roman gods), super heroes and books that make you think.

Four out of five stars. It would have been five, but I kept getting a little lost when I jumped away from the book.

I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads.


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