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#BookReview Tiny House, Big Love by Olivia Dade

Tiny House, Big Love is a super cute, property show-inspired story. I love myself a sweet, little book! Especially books that pack on the cutesy romance in a fast-paced environment. This short novel by Olivia Dade hit all the right notes with me! This book follows Lucy, an enviromentally friendly massage therapist, and Sebastian, a… Continue reading #BookReview Tiny House, Big Love by Olivia Dade


#BookReview Drug Gang Takedown by Neil Walker

"Let's finish this series with a bang" - Something I imagine Neil Walker said during his writing process. Drug Gang Takedown is an epic finale to the Drug Gang series, and boy does it not disappoint! We jump right in after the sequel and go on one wild ride! This time, we're in Sydney, Australia… Continue reading #BookReview Drug Gang Takedown by Neil Walker

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#BookReview Nobody Gets Out of Catering Alive by Joe Montaperto

Nobody Gets Out of Catering Alive by Joe Montaperto is a story full of personality! One thing about Joe Montaperto is that he knows how to write with style. He has a very particular tone in his writing that makes you feel like you're out in the back, having some beers and listening to Joe… Continue reading #BookReview Nobody Gets Out of Catering Alive by Joe Montaperto

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#BookReview Casino Royale by Ian Fleming

Casino Royale by Ian Fleming was a truly marvelous classic. I can totally understand why this book is considered one of the classic and first spy novels. It felt exactly like what I would expect a James Bond book to be - full of thrills, surprise twists and turns, double agents, alcohol, gambling and pretty… Continue reading #BookReview Casino Royale by Ian Fleming

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#BookReview Open Source by Anna L. Davis

  Open Source by Anna L. Davis is an R rated, epic, sci-fi, fantasy, crazy adventure! This book far exceeded my expectations, especially since sci-fi isn't my usual genre. Anna makes this fantasy novel come off the page and take over my brain (pun totally intended, by the way). Ryker, our home-less former writer lead,… Continue reading #BookReview Open Source by Anna L. Davis

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#BookReview The Boy Who Cried Ghost by Richard Clark

The Boy Who Cried Ghost by Richard Clark is a spooky, cute tale to get your little minions into the horror genre. This book is by no means a horror novel, but if you want to work your way up to Goosebumps then you've found the right book! I love Richard Clark's fun way to… Continue reading #BookReview The Boy Who Cried Ghost by Richard Clark

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#BookReview Blood Lust by Alexandra Ivy

Blood Lust by Alexandra Ivy is the perfect mix of action, romance and drama! Bas and Myst have two of the coolest names I've ever seen in a book, let me say that outright. And now, onto the review! I've been hoarding Alexandra Ivy books on my shelves for years now, so I was thrilled… Continue reading #BookReview Blood Lust by Alexandra Ivy

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#BookReview Dance with a Vampire by Ellen Schreiber

This is one of my fave throwbacks to my teen years - Ellen Schreiber and her Vampire Kisses series. To say I was obsessed with this series is an absolute understatement. Recently, I picked this book up again and decided to throw myself into this series, and I still love it! This series is full… Continue reading #BookReview Dance with a Vampire by Ellen Schreiber

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#BookReview Matt, The Green Cat by Jenny Mitchell

I love cats, so this little picture book already had me interested when it presented me with a cute, little, itty, bitty, green kitty! Matt, our lead, was a ginger cat who accidentally got some green paint on him! The plot of this book is really simple - we learn all about Matt the cat… Continue reading #BookReview Matt, The Green Cat by Jenny Mitchell

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#BookReview Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins

Many eons ago in my high school/teens years, I used to read J-14 magazine. That magazine was my lifeline to society - celebrity gossip, posters of the Jonas Brothers, and book recommendations! During those formative years, I remember seeing endless advertisements for Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins and I never truly forgot about this book...… Continue reading #BookReview Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins