#BookReview Drug Gang Takedown by Neil Walker

“Let’s finish this series with a bang” – Something I imagine Neil Walker said during his writing process.

Drug Gang Takedown is an epic finale to the Drug Gang series, and boy does it not disappoint! We jump right in after the sequel and go on one wild ride! This time, we’re in Sydney, Australia and things are NOT going well. Lisa is in trouble, John is screwed and there’s more violence than ever! Don’t forget some legendary criminals to make everyone’s day worse!

The sequel novel had you thinking John was out for good, but this book takes it to a whole new level. I feel like Neil couldn’t just leave it at the sequel, he had to go for bigger and better (which, of course, he did). The book moves quickly, is full of blood and gore and really leaves a mark on the reader. It’s an R rated hit with lots of punch, and you better be ready to binge it! It’s one crazy ride, you’ll never want to put it down. There’s lots of swears, hatchets and knives a-flying! It’s an absolutely bonkers ride! The plot twist, the ending… it was well worth the wait, that’s for sure! Neil Walker has crafted one excellent trilogy!

It did take me a while to work through it, but only because life got in the way. If I had it my way, this book would have been binged in a couple of days.
I loved all the song references in this book – I had to add them to my catalogue to listen to later. I love some good, old fashioned rock and roll! It was something little, but it did add a little grin to my face when I knew what songs the characters were referencing.

I would recommend reading the full series to get the full impact of this book. I think it could standalone, but I wouldn’t want any readers to lose out on the ever expanding universe Neil has created. It just feels better knowing what happened in the first two novels.

I’d give this book four out of five stars. I’m not crazy into blood, gore and violence but it was a really good read! I’d highly recommend it if you’re wanting to pick up some R rated reads in your future!

I received this book for free from the author, Neil Walker, in exchange for an honest review.


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