#BookReview Love Comes for the Bodyguard by Savannah Adams

Love Comes for the Bodyguard is a lovely rom-com from Savannah Adams.

If you’re looking for a sweet, comedic, contemporary romance then you’ve come to the right place! This novel is short and sweet, but still packs quite the punch.

We follow Brianna (a bank teller) and Tyler (a bodyguard) through their romantic journey. Tyler is Brianna’s older brother’s best friend, so it was only natural for the two to develop feelings for one another. Along the way, we meet the evil Lee Garvin who is Brianna’s stalker (as the man says, he’s a country bumpkin). Tyler offers to extend his bodyguard services into full-time instead of just at work, and with that their love begins to blossom.

This book felt more romantic comedy meets suspense romance than contemporary, but it was still lovely nonetheless. Some of the amazing quotes that had me giggling included “I thought you were looking extra buff today”, “My pride stings a little but I’m all right” and the assertion that Tyler tells the reader, that he’s a “manly man”.

The quotes and the romance are some amazing positives for this book. If you’re looking for an easy read that is quick and painless, this book is absolutely perfect! Savannah Adam’s writing style is smooth and simple, making it the best binge read for a cloudy day. The book also packed full of happily ever afters so there’s no worries you’ll be disappointed or depressed by the end of this book.

There is a few catches though: Tyler is a very sympathetic character with a large majority of “problems”. His family life isn’t exactly spotless – a father who committed suicide, a mother who is in a mental institution, and his Grandfather has Alzheimer’s. To top it off, there’s a line that says that his ex-girlfriend left him because he might be ‘genetically unstable’. Seriously, Jackie (the ex) is absolute trash for even suggesting that. Tyler does state that he is worried he might end up like some of them, but the issue isn’t delved into much.

To list my potential negatives for this book:

1. There’s many typical romance tropes in this book, which may put off some readers. Best friend’s brother, creepy stalker, protective man, small town – those are all present. If you’re looking for a serious, Oscar-winning styled romance then this isn’t for you.

2. Tingled and sizzled is used a lot when they touch. I don’t know why, but that bothered me. It’s a personal con and it does not affect the story at all, but I noticed everytime they touched someone was always sizzling. I began picturing a barbecue grill in the summer sizzling/

3. Quick love, my goodness! These two fell fast, which drives some readers absolutely bonkers. It didn’t bother me in the least, but be warned romance reader! Do your research before you pick up a book.

Overall, this book was quite the treat! I’d highly recommend it if you love romance novels, are looking for a quick read, or just like sweet and lovely books. I assume that Carter (Brianna’s brother who is in the army) will be a protagonist in the next story. He is mentioned A LOT but isn’t seen too much. I’m calling it now folks!

Four out of five stars!

I received a free copy from the author, Savannah Adams, in exchange for an honest review.


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