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#BookReview Merry Cowboy Christmas by Carolyn Brown

To begin with, I mistakenly picked this book up thinking it was a continuation of another lovely cowboy series by Carolyn Brown. While I might have been disappointed that I picked up the wrong book at a charity book sale, it was still a real joy picking up ANOTHER series by Carolyn Brown! This book itself is not a disappoint my any means!

I love ooey gooey romances especially with cowboys and Christmas. Who doesn’t love a good Christmas story?! Especially in Summer (which is when I initially read this book). I wanted something light, fun and cute and this book fit the bill! Lucky me!

These love stories are PG-13 with a dash of sex. It’s not erotica, but it does have about half of page of sexiness. It’s your typical romance stories with lots of fluff, lots of cute comments and happy endings! There’s no cliffhangers and no nasty drama!

In this book, Fiona and Jud are our leads. Fiona ran far away from home to be a career woman and her marriage didn’t work out. So here she is, back at home during Christmas time, and she runs into Jud. He helps her out during a little car accident and they find out that both of them are staying together in the same house! They end up spending the Christmas season together with Fiona’s family, Jud’s family and lots of friendly neighbors!

Fiona and Jud have a lovely friendship that develops into one steamy romance! Their ending is also one for the romance books, but what more can you expect from Carolyn Brown?

I felt like this book was just long enough and had just enough romance and action. The drama was sweet, the family moments were lovely and it was everything I could have wanted. I can’t find much wrong with it other than the fact that I messed up reading the wrong series! I would have loved to start at book one so I felt more connected with the rest of the family. That being said, you don’t need to read the rest of the series to pick this book up. It’s an easy read that you can jump into. Carolyn fills in all of the background information that you need.

I’d highly recommend this book to my romance lovers out there! This book is sweet and easy to read! It’s packed full of a lovely family and community that makes me yearn to move to Lucky Penny Ranch myself. Despite being almost three hundred pages, the book was so addicting and I flew through it super quickly.

Overall, super cute and super fluffy! I need more books like this in my life right now!

Five out of five stars!

P.S. I picked this book up at a charity book sale and I’m kind of curious how a book that isn’t reviewed much on Goodreads is in my small hometown. It was very shocking to find Carolyn’s book and I am PUMPED that I found a few of them! I guess someone in my city has good tastes!


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