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#BookReview Christmas in Silver Bells Falls by Samantha Chase

Christmas in Silver Bell Falls is a lovely Christmas love story full of snowy cheer!

This book has:
A female grinch-y writer
An “evil” grandmother leaving her granddaughter a property near Canada
Snow (it’s near Canada, obviously there would be snow)
A Christmas obsessed town
A sexy hunk
A love story
Some conflict

I love Samantha Chase’s writing ever since I discovered her a few years back. She has a smooth writing style that is easy to read and easy to get lost in. I found myself devouring this book in one sitting (when I finally had time to sit down and read it).

This book follows the typical Hallmark-style romance story that is seen throughout the holiday romance subgenre. A grinch-y person gets forced to a cute town, meets someone who is Christmas-y, falls in love, they have some source of conflict, discover something personal and share bad stories and then everyone has Christmas cheer. If you’re looking for a book that breaks the mold, this book isn’t for you. I didn’t mind it at all since I want to be in a Christmas-y mood (and I’ve been watching way too many romantic Christmas movies).

In this book, Melanie’s Grandmother who didn’t like her at all, left her a cabin up near Canada in Silver Bell Falls. Melanie is a writer and is having major writers block since she has to write about Christmas (and when you hear all about her past, you’ll understand why she’s a bit of a grinch). When she gets there, Josiah is in her house! Turns out he knew her Grandmother and the little incident is brushed off (with some pizza, of course). The two grow close to each other, learn some deep dark secrets and a motive they weren’t aware of, and develop Christmas cheer. Yay!

It’s a cute book and it’s a short read. It clocked in just over 140 pages so it wasn’t all that hard to read. Josiah and Melanie are also a cute couple (even if their romance developed very quickly – it’s definitely not a slow burn book). I’d like to read more in this series whether it’s full of merry holiday cheer or not.

I didn’t relate to the character all that much. Either way, I love happily ever after books like these. They make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Three out of five stars.

I found this book for free via Bookbub.


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