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#BookReview Mr. Hoopeyloops Saves Christmas by Andi Cann

Kids Books + Christmas Books = My Guilty Pleasure

I was SO PUMPED to find this book for free via Bookbub! I absolutely love a cute children’s book and adding in some holiday spirit just made it all the better!

We open this book with Zoey visiting Mr. Hoopeyloops, and boy is she upset! Didn’t you know?! Christmas is canceled! Santa has a bit of a labour issue (and who doesn’t these days?) which ruins everything! So, Mr. Hoopeyloops grabs his friend Rex and they set off to save Christmas! How could he help, you might ask. Well, turns out Santa Claus is his brother!

While this is a picture book, it’s a little longer than the typical children’s book I’ve been finding lately. It has paragraphs beside the pages, which I absolutely love! I miss the days where children’s books had longer plots! I’d recommend this book for five to twelve year olds, because it’s an absolute delight!

I absolutely love the art style. It’s soft yet busy and fits perfectly with the story. I’d highly recommend reading this book just for the art alone! It’s probably my favourite picture book this year.

At the very end of this book, there’s a little educational moment about the history of glass Christmas ornaments. Having those educational side notes always makes me a very pleased reader, so that only made this book better! This could easily be used in a classroom or for reading buddies!

Overall, this book is absolutely marvelous! I was stunned at how great it is and I would highly recommend it!

Five out of five stars! Spread the Christmas cheer!

I found this book for free via Bookbub.


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