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#BookReview Miss Kane’s Christmas by Caroline Mickelson

Christmas in July! That is what this book felt like reading, and boy did I need a little Christmas spirit in my life!

Miss Kane’s Christmas is a cute, short tale about Carol Kane and her magical abilities. She is sent to help Ben and his two children, Hillary and Patrick, fall in love with Christmas again. Along the way, Christmas isn’t the only thing these guys start to love…

Ben is a massive Scrooge for most of the book and it’s Carol’s job to fix it! He’s writing a novel that Santa doesn’t want written and he’s not spending as much time with his children as he should! Especially since their mother is no longer in the picture. Carol is super sweet, slightly innocent and utterly adorable. Ben has a heart that might grow five sizes bigger or turn into gold, you’ll have to read to find out!

This book felt goofy (in such a good way!) and I absolutely loved it! This book screams Hallmark or Netflix movie with all of the romantic talk, Christmas references and adorable plot lines. Hillary and Patrick want a dog, Ben and Carol start falling for one another, a brother named Nick – there are so many fun aspects of this book. I am SO glad I picked this book up “on accident”- also known as forgetting a book and finding a free one on Bookbub to pass the time by.

If you like contemporary drama, a splash of romance and Christmas, this book will be for you! It reminds me of Harlequin and Hallmark, but it was super fun! It’s not a book you’ll want to take too seriously since it is founded on Christmas magic and love. It can easily standalone and doesn’t end on one of those horrible cliffhangers that drive me mad. This book is rated PG for sure – it’s sweet, has a little kissing but doesn’t hint at much more.

I did have one negative – this book moves WAY to fast. Relationship statuses, beliefs in traditions and much more happen so suddenly it doesn’t feel real. I feel like it could have been solved with a time jump or a few more pages thrown in, but it’s not that much of an issue. The rush might bug me, but it won’t bug most readers.

I would love to continue reading this series. It seems like it’ll be an enjoyable read and there are more books around!

Four out of five stars!

I found this book for free on Bookbub!

P.S. What type of puppy did they did?!


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