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#BookReview Project Team Leadership and Communication by Samuel Malachowsky, PMP

Samuel Malachowsky has crafted an intelligent textbook packed full of management and leadership advice.

This excellent collection of ideas is the ultimate learning tool. Not only is there lots of information available in written form, but there is also supplemental learning tools within the book – questions, quizzes, definitions. There is also a curriculum available to provide education professionals an option for their courses.

I like the mix of Project Management, Team and Group Dynamics and Leadership styles, among other learning objectives taught within the book. I found that the books was made under the “keep it simple, stupid” principle – all of it was easy to read, follow and understand. If my university textbooks were like this, learning might be easier! Tiny case studies can also be found within the book to assist with these learning opportunities.

By no means is this a comprehensive learning tool. This book appears to be designed for an introduction into management techniques. Further reading will be done to grasp the more complex subjects, but I think Samuel did an excellent job introducing learners and readers to the basic concepts. I also am impressed with the logical order and how Samuel was able to make some of these difficult topics seem easy. In addition, this book focuses on some great best practices available currently in the industry.

To address the supplemental learning tools as someone who has a fondness for learning and has educated others in the past:
1. The learning objectives and questions supplemented each other really well. I like books that have questions that directly tie back to what is being learned. A+ for effort!
2. There are chapter slides available which I found very useful in an educational setting. I think those could be utilized well.
3. The chapter activities were super useful and well thought out. I think they’d be great for assignments and group dynamic opportunities.
4. The curriculum and mini-modules round up the extra material quite nicely.

Overall, I think this is a great learning tool and should be utilized by students, educators and business professionals who are looking to expand their knowledge on team leadership.

Five out of five stars.

I received this book for free from the author, Samuel Malachowsky, in exchange for an honest review.


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