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#BookReview Ten Seconds by Lucian Lupescu

Ten Seconds by Lucian Lupescu is a delightful little pack of flash fiction to fulfill your TBR shelf.

I needed something soft yet brilliant to read, and this just fit the bill. I didn’t want tons of commitment, I didn’t want something that would make my brain hurt or make me anxious with the world going into apocalypse mode. Lucky for me, Lucian Lupescu crafted a lovely collection of flash fiction that took my brain off of all the insanity going on in the world right now. Thank you, seriously.

Each story follows a slice of life, as you will. Onset tackles birth, Bad Strategy holds fury and anger, Big Brother the pain of loss, and more. They are all a little bit different, but all simple enough to read and very engaging. I found each one to have their own little ‘umph’ that had me continue with these stories. It helps they aren’t very long either, which makes it so simple to binge another one.

I would definitely recommend this book if you’re looking for something short and sweet yet also poetic and well written. I even went through this little collection twice because I enjoyed it so much, which is honestly a rare feat for me. If you haven’t grabbed it yet, take a little peek and enjoy the ride! It’s well worth it!

Four out of five stars!

Thank you to Lucian Lupescu for providing me a free copy of this book in exchange of an honest review.


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