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#BookReview The American Crusade by Mark Spivak

The American Crusade by Mark Spivak was a fast-paced thriller full of excitement!

I normally don’t go for political thrillers, but I like to spice up my reading shelf once and a while. Mark Spivak’s novel, the American Crusade, seemed like the perfect fit! And man, was it ever! I can honestly say this book makes the genre seem WAY cooler than I was led to believe.

In this novel, we follow Vice President Hornsby. This man is brutal and wants his time in the spotlight. VP Hornsby, President Cane and the government make some harsh and disgusting decisions in relation to a terrorist attack that crashes into the Mall of America. The worst part? The government most likely knew this attack was coming.

We follow two point of views: the American government and a young radicalist. The battle between liberty and freedom against utter control is showcased. Especially the fact that deception can be so easy…

One interesting part of this book was the take on the Fourth Crusade. This wasn’t my favourite part of the book, but it was unique and made the book stand out.

I’m honestly impressed. While this book might not make me the newest fan of all political thrillers, I’m glad I picked this one up. It’s fast paced, full of thrills, takes some wild risks and is just really cool. I like Mark Spivak’s writing style and his different take on 9/11.

Overall, this book is an excellent read for lovers of political thrillers!

Four out of five stars.

Thank you to TCK Publishing for providing me a free copy of this book in exchange of an honest review.


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