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#BookReview Vanishing Hour by Lisa King

Vanishing Hour by Lisa King is honestly one of my fave reads of 2020. This book is excellent! It has the coolest mix of thrills and fun all in one. It's got hints of Up since we have an older gentleman named Matthew and a young twelve year old named Ruby. These two get stuck… Continue reading #BookReview Vanishing Hour by Lisa King

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#BookReview The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

The Hate U Give is a powerful and moving novel, that is an essential read (in my humble opinion). YA is powerful. It used to just be my escape from the world, back when I was in high school. I was lifted away to fantastical realms where the girls were in love triangles and were… Continue reading #BookReview The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

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#BookReview The Masked Truth by Kelley Armstrong

To begin this review, I have to admit I'm a little biased. I have always enjoyed Kelley Armstrong's books and doubly so because she's Canadian (represent!!). My review will absolutely reflect that I thoroughly enjoy her writing style and I am always down for a reading ride in her books. So, off to the races...… Continue reading #BookReview The Masked Truth by Kelley Armstrong

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#BookReview Another Five Days by Matt Micros

Another Five Days by Matt Micros is a wonderful, feel good book! The premise itself is amazing, let alone when you get into the meat of the writing. Matt Micros has crafted a beautiful, heart-warming story about a man who gets to redo five days of his life because of his extraordinary altruism. Al Sokratis… Continue reading #BookReview Another Five Days by Matt Micros

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#BookReview At Mother’s Command 2 by Kay Brandt

At Mother's Command 2 continues Max's story of being whisked away to her biological Mother's BDSM castle/resort. This time around, Max is essentially being held hostage and isn't allowed to leave. She meets Neil, a man that I personally don't trust but who knows, and begins to explore her sexuality a bit. Additionally, she demands… Continue reading #BookReview At Mother’s Command 2 by Kay Brandt


#BookReview After the Sack by Savannah Adams

After the Sack is a sports romance with lots of starry eyed romance in it, and it's all G rated clean! We meet Calvin, a quarterback for the Virginia Reelers who is in the shadows of his pro-football player brother who is on the same team as him. He finally gets the chance to lead… Continue reading #BookReview After the Sack by Savannah Adams

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#BookReview Fallen: Princeborn Stolen by Jean Lee

Fallen Princeborn: Stolen by Jean Lee is a fabulous, fantastical, young adult novel that will keep you captivated! This folklore tale follows a young girl trying her best to escape from a horrible situation. Suddenly, she is thrust into a fantasy world of epic proportions! All this girl wants is for her and her sister… Continue reading #BookReview Fallen: Princeborn Stolen by Jean Lee

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#BookReview Love, All by Tamsen Parker

It's that time again... I get to read another book by my fave! Tamsen Parker's writing style has always vibed with me in a way I cannot understand. Whatever jedi mind tricks she is playing, I'm totally into it. I managed to buy this beauty a while ago but lost it among my kindle library… Continue reading #BookReview Love, All by Tamsen Parker


#BookReview #BookTour Baller Boys by Venessa Taylor

Baller Boys by Venessa Taylor is a lovely little book to add to your TBR shelf. We follow a young soccer player, Shay, in this middle grade chapter book. Since it's summer, Shay and his buddy Frankie are going to try out for football (soccer) tryouts! They meet Coach Reece and work hard to try… Continue reading #BookReview #BookTour Baller Boys by Venessa Taylor

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#BookReview Encyclopedia of Insects by Jules Howard

I LOVE learning, so seeing this encyclopedia perked me right up! Sure, insects can be creepy and crawly, but I was down for learning some new stuff about everyone's "favourite" creatures! And I wasn't disappointed! Do keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive collection of bugs, but it is an excellent start for… Continue reading #BookReview Encyclopedia of Insects by Jules Howard