#BookReview After the Sack by Savannah Adams

After the Sack is a sports romance with lots of starry eyed romance in it, and it’s all G rated clean!

We meet Calvin, a quarterback for the Virginia Reelers who is in the shadows of his pro-football player brother who is on the same team as him. He finally gets the chance to lead when his brother is injured, so it’s his time to shine! Unfortunately, some guy makes a lousy comment and Cal’s anger issues come out.

Then there’s Audrey, the General Manager of the Virginia Reelers who picked Calvin in the draft. Cal once referred to her as the “Dragon Lady”, if that helps give some insight into her personality. Her Father owns the team, which makes it hard for her to do her job sometimes – ya know, being the owner’s daughter can make things awkward… Once Cal pulls off his little stunt, she informs him he needs to take anger management classes before he can return to the team.

Slowly but surely, these two find their way back to each other over and over. They prove to be quite the pair together, and work through a few issues with one another.

Savannah Adams is the Queen of sweet, contemporary romances and this book just proves it!

I absolutely adore this book! It’s sugary sweet and has lots of goofy jokes and puns in it (thanks to Calvin and his humour). Add in the fact you get to read about Cal playing with his nieces, and that would make anyone’s ovaries explode from the cuteness. It’s also a very positive, HEA book which makes me happy. Negativity in these times is just so hard to read!

The only “issue” I have with this book is that I have always found it weird for grown women to call their Father’s Daddy. It kinda weirds me out, but that’s a personal issue. On another note: I also know little about football, so the plays “blue orca, blue orca” and “tweety bird” sound fun but I don’t know what they mean. True Football fans will be able to tell you if any of the terminology is sound. I was just here for the fun sports romance!

Overall, this book is an absolute delight! If you are looking for some clean romance, want a sports romance or just want something light and fluffy then this book is perfect for you!

Five out of five stars.

I received an ARC copy from the author Savannah Adams in exchange of an honest review.


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