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#BookReview Spectacle by Rachel Vincent


Is it possible to rate over five stars? Because I totally would with this book!

Many eons ago, I was OBSESSED with Rachel Vincent’s books. I was a high-schooler with a minimum wage job and and money to spend. So, I hoarded books and rammed through most of Ms. Rachel V’s bibliography. Soul Screamers, Shifters, Unbound, Menagerie and little old Wildcat topped my reading list! I loved all of them. Then, one day, I went off to school and couldn’t afford books that weren’t at discount stores so I lost my chance at these books…

AND THEN I FOUND COUPONS AND SALES AND GOT SPECTACLE! Honest to god, I read Menagerie when it came out and about six years later I read this magical sequel. Despite the six year gap (for me as a reader), I was able to totally remember what was going on and feel attached to this series again.


I love Delilah and Gallagher. I did not love what happened to Delilah but that’s drama in an adult book for you.

Anywho… My actual review:

1. This book expands a lot on the first book. Bigger stakes, more drama, bigger fights and crazier cliffhanger. I’m curious where book three will go – I’m assuming it expands to the broader universe with cryptids in it because this whole series smells of “go big or go home”.

2. I feel like there’s more to Rommily then the book let’s on. She’s one of the narrators but she’s not used a lot. I find her so intriguing because her hints at the future are true, you just can’t tell what way they’re going to swing.

3. The relationship between Delilah and Gallagher being best friends is such a nice change from the typical romance I see in most books (but, I mean… I kinda do want them to get romantic? That’s the inner romance reader in me though). The trust there is really inviting and makes me really love them as characters.

4. This book is fast paced and something is constantly happening. I’m the type of reader who needs that sort of action, so I loved it! If you’re a slow burn kinda reader you are not going to enjoy this book. Heads up!

5. I’ve seen the complaints by other reviewers that this book is a repeat. Since it’s been over half a decade, I can’t say much. All I can say is that I REALLY enjoyed it. I’m not the type of reader who reads an entire series back to back, so it doesn’t bother me all that much. As long as book three isn’t an exact repeat, I think it’ll be fine. Rachel’s one of my fave writers so it’s not a downfall for me at all.

6. There’s some real trauma in this book that just HURTS. I feel so bad but at the same time can’t stop reading. There’s some real trigger warnings in here, but Rachel doesn’t go R rated. Your heart might hurt a bit from one of the graphic scenes (that isn’t described, just stated that it happened).

Overall, I loved this book! I need more! I need Fury ASAP and I need Rachel to write more books so I can binge them all. I’ve loved her for years and I still fall in love with her writing.

Five out of five stars! I’m FURY-IOUS that I don’t have the final book of this series in my hands… Haha, puns!


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