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#BookReview Seeing Colour by Amber Faucher

If you’re seeking a fun and flirty romantic comedy, then Seeing Colour is the perfect fit!

Welcome to Scotland! Evie, a young adult from good ol’ Alberta, Canada, packs her things and moves to Scotland as a bit of a rebellion against her troubles. She’s an Optician (a person who makes the lenses for glasses), and manages to find a job working for an Optometrist named Mara, and with a sexy Scot named Connie. Did I mention that she manages to hook up with Connie on night one without knowing he was her co-worker? Oh yeah, it’s awkward. And it looks like Mara and Connie are or were married? Just great! Things are getting better! Her luggage gets lost, her new living arrangements fall flat and life just seems to be giving her the book.

But don’t worry! Her internet bestie has her back, Connie is the hottest Gaelic man you’d ever see and Scotland is… well, Scotland! It’s super cool! But, things are only going to get more confusing, dramatic, funny and romantic along the way…

This book was such a fun ride! It has comedy, romance and drama all laced throughout the book. It’s hard to believe this is Amber’s first published novel because it’s so good it seems like she’s been doing this forever! I seriously need more books from Amber ASAP!

So, why did I like it?
1. There is nothing hotter than a man asking if he can have you. Go Connie for being decent!
2. “Gaelic god” kept autocorrecting to garlic god in my notes, and I kept laughing at myself and kinda wishing he would have been Italian or a vampire instead for a really funny joke in my review.
3. LGBT friendly! Yay! I won’t give it away, or else it ruins the book!
4. The ending was surprising! It was the kind of plot twist I had thought I saw coming, but was still surprised by it nonetheless! There were really two fun twists to follow, but I won’t tell you which one surprised me more. Comment or message me to find out which!

My only negative about the book was Mara. I wasn’t entirely sure if she was supposed to be a sympathetic bad guy, if she was just mean, or if she was doing everything out of the kindness of her heart. We don’t see her side of things often, so it’s hard to tell. I’m an analytical person, I like knowing these things!

Regardless, I love this book! I highly recommend it to those who want a romantic comedy on their TBR. It’s sugary sweet, sitcom level funny and by an indie author! Support the Indies! Insert joke about Indiana Jones here….

Five out of five stars!

I received a free copy of this book from the author, Amber Faucher, in exchange of an honest review.

Side note: The cute picture Amber drew in my book gives it a sixth star. IT WAS SO CUTE! Personalized books always make it on my office shelf! I can’t wait to show it off! ❤


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