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#BookReview Extrahumans by Susan Jane Bigelow

Not gonna lie, normally I find sci-fi incredibly boring and couldn’t be bothered with it, and then Extrahumans came into my life.

The plot of this book is essentially: closing up a story about superheroes living among us in a dystopian world. Jill is trying to survive, and somehow gets the team back together in the process. There will be love, loss and lots of fighting in this epic finale. It felt like a cool mix of Star Wars, Star Trek, the beautiful landscapes and colours of Jupiter Ascending and a pinch of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. It took all the best things of my favourite sci-fi movies and mashed them together in the best possible way (in book form, of course).

There’s something about this book that makes it fun and engaging, and I could barely put it down. It’s packed full of fun character (with real flaws – they’re not perfect!), there’s lots of action and adventure, superpowers galore, dystopian landscapes, a Pakistani woman lead and a little LGBT representation!

I found it a tiny bit difficult jumping into the last book of this series, but I think Susan Jane Bigelow did an excellent job of filling in the blanks within the book. I would have enjoyed understanding the past relationships and struggles the characters had before, but I was still able to fully throw myself into this book. Either way, I’d love to read more by Susan now because she is just a really good writer! Any writer who can make me love a genre I typically don’t is totally worth reading.

I also did not enjoy Jill’s character in the beginning. I found her super annoying and childish, but then she started growing and changing as the events of the novel took place. And, at least for me, the surprises about her in this book were welcome and absolutely lovely. I was very happy to see her character develop into someone I could actually respect instead of dramatically roll my eyes at.

Overall, I would highly recommend this series! It’s a fun, sci-fi adventure with an excellent writing style. If you love sci-fi, I’m sure you’ll love it more than I did!

Four out of five stars.

i received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads.

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