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#BookReview After the Kick by Savannah Adams

This book is amazing, for many reasons, but here is just a few:
1. It continues to awesome sports romance series The Inman Brothers by Savannah Adams
2. Kick butt female lead who worked her butt off to become a football player in a male league
3. It’s Savannah Adams, so yeah. It’s fabulous.

I absolutely love this series. It’s soft, sweet and sporty all at the same time. It’s hard to find contemporary sports romances that don’t go into crazy hardcore romance, so this book is such a hidden diamond in the rough! I love it!

This time we meet Cooper, the youngest Inman brother. The poor kicker is struggling and is trying to gain respect in the Football world (also, yay Canadian league!). Then we have Mary Claire, who is an incredible woman “in a man’s world”. These two make quite the pair, and will make your heart swell as you read on. Especially since most of the football players did not want to welcome a girl into the mix, but man is she too good to miss. But these two love birds are both trying out for the same team… This could get messy!

Also, Boots the cat. I love it.

And, ventriloquism. Because, why not?

I absolutely love this series. I highly recommend it for those looking for a sweet yet soft romance with lots of fluff and no sex. It’s a clean romance that will still make your heart beat so fast and have you loving each and every second.

Five out of five stars.

I received this book for free from the author, Savannah Adams, in exchange of an honest review.

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