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#BookReview Fury by Rachel Vincent

This book HURT SO BAD. If you’re not interested in spoilers, beware this review because it will be spoiler heavy.

But before you click the exit or back button, here’s my non-spoiler review:

I love Rachel Vincent and her writing is utterly addicting. She knows how to craft characters who make you feel for them, she creates fantastical environments that somehow feel real and make the story move fast but still hit the point home. If I had to give a rating based off her writing abilities, it would be a 5.

Unfortunately, I did not like how this book ended the trilogy. Without giving away spoilers, the ending made this book a solid 2 for me. With that being said, I’ll let it meet in the middle (ish…) with a solid 3.

P.S. Don’t read this book if you haven’t read the first two. It probably won’t make much sense. The first two books are absolutely marvelous though, so go read them. Rachel has always been one of my fave authors and I’ll support her over and over.


<spoiler alert>
Oh. Man.

This book absolutely killed my soul. It took me a long time to get to writing this review because I am absolutely heart broken. Rachel crafted this beautiful story over Mengarie and Spectacle and ended it like THIS?! How could she do this to me?! It’s like a personal insult!

To those who made it past the spoiler warning, our lead Delilah (I still love that name…) is pregnant with Gallagher’s baby. The two actually start to have romantic feelings for each other and their romantic relationship starts to bloom. BUT THAT’S IT BECAUSE RACHEL KILLS DELILAH OFF.

Why can’t heroines have a happy ending? This book reminded me SO MUCH of Allegiant by Veronica Roth and I absolutely LOATHED and HATED that book. Let the woman have her family and win the fight. All of these books where the woman sacrifices herself and dies makes my so angry. Most books the men sacrifice everything and still win in the end, but with women they always seems to die. Maybe it’s just my book and film choices, but I don’t see many pieces of work where the women win. *Personal Rant Over*

The Delilah/Gallagher relationship made me swoon and I couldn’t wait to see them get their HEA, but alas no. A lot of readers did not want this relationship to happen (some of my close friends were not impressed) but Rachel had to subvert expectations and make this strong friendship a romantic one. For, +1 bonus for Rachel to fit my romantic book goals.

So, they have their beautiful little baby and stay hidden. Friends die, all seems to be lost and then… all is lost. This whole book felt like it had been rushed together due to a publishing company complaining at Rachel. Lots of time was spent hiding, talking and complaining about birth and pregnancies. Lost friends were never found, even though Delilah promised to get them back. All of these promises and plot holes just left… there. As giant plot holes.

This whole series reflects a lot of modern political comments. It reminds me of Handsmaid Tale in some manners because it does talk a lot about society. BUT… society hurts and this book HAD to follow through with that? Give me some hope for us girls! Pleeeeease.

Now, now. I am raging all over my negatives because this book hurt but it was still very good (in other aspects).

1. The swapping babies plot line was hella cool and really interesting. I was actually really interested in this and found it truly intriguing.

2. All of those swapped babies and deaths was crazy, but it never really… did much? Like, it was there but wasn’t expanded on. I WANT MORE GOSH DARNIT.

3. Gallagher is sexy as heck and I need a man like that. Whatever, judge me all you want.

I really hope Rachel does some side stories. Does everyone get reunited? What happens to Gallagher and the girl? In my wildest dreams Rachel rewrites this book with a happy ending but I’m not gonna get that.

I’ll still read books by Rachel. I’m not on a book ban or anything, but I am extremely hurt and I’ll need Rachel to make some beautiful HEA to win me back. I’m sure she’ll do it. Right? 😉

While this book crashed and burned for me, it’s still a great read. Lots of readers will love the surprise ending for sure!
<end of the spoilers>

Three out of five stars.


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