#BookReview The Closer You Come by Gena Showalter

Back in my youth, I devoured Gena Showalter books like no tomorrow. Quite literally, during the summer months I would binge books by her and a few other authors. I couldn’t put their books down! Then, one day I strayed away.

I bought this book when it came out, but it hung around on my shelf until now. The time was right – I was craving some romance in my life and that book was right there!

Personally, I would rather stick to Gena’s paranormal romances, but that’s just me! I did not enjoy this book as much as I wanted to, but that’s because I found a few little flaws that are my romance novel deal breakers.

This book follows Jase, a man recently released from prison, and Brook Lynn, a woman working her butt off to support herself and her flaky sister. Jase isn’t looking for a relationship, and is quite happy just living his best life with his two buddies Beck and West. After a tough youth, Brook Lynn is helping take care of her and her younger adult sister so they can have a good life. Oh, and did I mention Jase slept with Jessie Kay, Brook Lynn’s sister? Yep, it’s a little messy! After some partying, the two of them are acquainted and don’t get along at first. Jase throws Brook Lynn in the pool and kills her hearing aids (yes, visibility in a book! OMG I’m so proud!). Chemistry begins to grow, and they look like a very interesting pair…

I found the beginning of this book to be very hit and miss. Brook Lynn was innocent and then not and the innocent, rinse and repeat. Jase was a jerk, then not, then a jerk, rinse and repeat. Jessie Kay seemed like the worst sister in the universe and I couldn’t understand by Brook Lynn would stick around. I couldn’t quite find the consistency and it annoyed me. At the same time, I can see why Gena chose that method but it bored me in ways I hoped it wouldn’t. I think their sort of relationship is just not the type I want my my romance reads – which is totally cool.

I also really did not enjoy the strange plot with Jase and his ex. It felt very… stalker-y. It’s not intended to be in any way, but it sat with me the wrong way. He was hung up on his ex and then he wasn’t, and then he wanted to be a family man and then didn’t. It just felt… cold and weird.

Plus, the back stories were just depressing. It felt like no one had anything good happen in their life until the happy ending.

The book was written very well, and for how long it was it went by fairly fast. The level of sweetness, sexiness and overall fun was absolutely delightful! Brook Lynn being Jase’s assistant was amusing and led to many funny to dos. The boys Jase lives with are quite the duo and the our leads were quite real and relatable. I would have marked this more of a New Adult novel and not an Adult due to the kinda gossip-y, YA-like nature of it (minus the sexier scenes of course).

Overall, for me this book was not a winner but it will definitely be loved by other book lovers. There are certain tropes I truly enjoy and certain tropes I stay clear of. This book had a few that I just didn’t like. I’d highly recommend this if you love dramatic romances, if you love Gena or if you just want to spice up your life!

One out of five stars.


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