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#BookReview The Baby Maker by Lili Valente

The Baby Maker by Lili Valente is a lovely tale about a woman who wants a baby and finds love with a man from a famously fertile family.

I found this book on Bookbub and I decided to get it while it was the low, low price of free because it sounded charming! I love a good romance novel with lots of drama and angst. This book seemed like it fit the bill and I’ve enjoyed some of Lili Valente’s other work, so it seemed like the natural fit.

This book was good but it wasn’t a home run for me. Some of the comments in this book sat really funny and made me feel kind of weird. Emma wants a baby so bad that she’s almost tricking Dylan into it. But at the same time, they fall in love at the end… It’s not like this book is encouraging women to have manipulation relationships with men, but I also just felt… odd.

While this book may sit funny with me, I must applaud Lili’s writing. She did a good job connecting me to these characters and writing in some character flaws as well. All the while, Dylan is lovable and loves kids and Emma seems like a woman who’s clock is really ticking. I’m glad this novel works as a standalone and didn’t have a cliffhanger, because MAN OH MAN I would not have been a happy camper if that happened.

There’s lots of playful comedy throughout this book and even more sexy scenes. It’s an R rated novel but it’s definitely fun! I’ve read too many erotic novels that are so dark and lusty, so it was a nice change to read a more fun, light-hearted book. Emma and Dylan have some marvelous one liners towards each other! And, in my humble opinion, that’s what makes this book work so well. It’s fun and sexy! Perfect for any romance lovers shelf!

I probably would have liked this book more of I would have read it in a better format. I read it on my phone which makes the font big and harder to read. There were barely enough words on the page to make sense of it. Because of this, it took me quite a while to finish and I wasn’t as interested in the book. That’s on me, but it still affected my overall opinion.

Overall, this book is worth the read if you love romance and comedy. The sexy librarian scene and the fact that the woman is older than the man (just barely, but it counts!) is a nice touch too. This book stands out! I definitely want to read more by Lili. She has a great writing style, her books move as a fast pace and she makes me invested in these characters.

Three out of five stars.

I found this book for free via Bookbub.


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