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#BookReview Touch by Courtney Maum

Touch by Courtney Maum is one of my fave reads of 2020. Seriously, this book is ridiculously good.

I was shocked by how much I loved this book. The plot sounds super intriguing, but the content just blows it out of the water. Let me explain:

Sloane is a trend forecaster, and she’s really good at it. She sees trends coming from a mile away, almost like clairvoyance. She gets hired by a tech firm because she’s so good, and they want her to help develop products for them relating to the population enjoying being childless. Sloane is married to Roman, a social media influencer obsessed with Zentai (look it up, seriously). Their relationship is rocky since he believes real, penetrative sex is a thing of the past and cyber sex is the real deal. Sloane, on the other hand, wants a physical relationship and sees the trend of real, physical social interaction to be coming back.

Things get messy when their relationship fumbles, she reaches back out to her family and she rocks the boat in her office. Especially when other people seem to be agreeing with her…

Within the pages of this book, there are so many great quotable lines and paragraphs. Courtney speaks a lot of truths within this book, and it’s super haunting. A woman being described as a port for a journeyman or the description of how a woman feels when she’s finally touched after years of not being touched… It was so beautiful. Courtney has a way with words. To top it all, she used a lot of big words I hadn’t heard before, and I love searching up new words to use in my everyday life. Frangipane is a unique word, let me tell ya. It’s a dessert!

The one sentence that summed this novel up for me was “The twenty-first century was over taking risks”, and I’d have to agree. Yet, this book argues that it’s possible to change and take those risks again… Geez Louise, this book could have been taken apart in an English class by a pro! It’s that packed full of themes and wonderful quotes!

My biggest fault of this book was the driver-less car. I totally saw some weird sci-fi plot since this car talked about different scenarios as if they were real and talked to her. I swore up and down as I was reading it that there was going to be some wild and wacky twist about this car, but there wasn’t. It was just a car. Thank you for the writing ideas Courtney, because man… my imagination went WILD.

That being said, it’s hardly a fault. I was blown away by this book and couldn’t put it down. I need to read more by Courtney in the future because her writing style and ideas totally work for me.

I highly recommend this book. I cannot say that enough. If you love dystopian fiction, contemporary drama, a pinch of romance, and a wee bit of satire on today’s society then this book will be for you! Honestly, it’s probably one of my top recommendations for my 2020 reads. It’s just so darn good!

Five out of five stars.

I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads.

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