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#BookReview When You’re Young and In Love by Patricia Bourque

When You’re Young and In Love by Patricia Bourque is a dramatic romance that has a lot going on.

Send yourself back to the 60s with this book as we follow Nick, a guy who had a lot going for him but got himself in a messy situation. He’s our lead character, and almost everything in this story is going to revolve around him. While his life was going to be perfect and totally put together, he ends up getting a sweet girl from his high school pregnant.

Side note: I wouldn’t necessarily call them high school sweethearts since this seemed like a one night stand to me, but I could be wrong.

So, these two end up getting married and having babies, because that’s what you did during that time. They didn’t have a happy marriage and didn’t seem to love each other. These two constantly fight over and over, and once they finally seem to be getting in a good place – tragedy strikes.

With that, life goes to crap for Nick for a bit. Things spiral downwards and he gets a job away from his family and doing his own thing. There he meets a beautiful young girl named Kelly who is 10 years his junior. The two hit it off, but have a weird on-and-off again relationship for many years.

Side note: Relationship is a strong word for it – it’s a fling but more than a fling, yet less than a relationship. Again, Nick is a messy guy. Things get confusing in his world, much like the star of a soap opera.

This story does remind me of the soap operas I used to watch back in my teenage years. A lot goes on, but we mainly follow Nick’s story and not his family. I had kind of hoped to see more of his ex and children, but this is Nick and Kelly’s story. I really wanted to see his ex’s story because she seemed totally evil. This book made her seem like the villain, even though there was probably a reason behind what she did. It reminded me of those stories where everyone’s side is different and everyone literally sees the opposite of the other person. Why? Because the way this story went, it made me feel like his ex raped him to get children, but I also didn’t get the vibes from her like that would happen.

Side note: Yes, yes. There isn’t exactly a vibe for that situation, but it seemed random and out of the blue. Did they actually get along and get it on with each other for a minute? Did he just do her because he was frustrated? I needed some more background information.

This story gives an interesting view on marriage and romance all in itself, and the views of individual people. Do you follow your heart or just stay? Do you just accept your fate or go against it? Do you fight or just lie down? It’s intriguing. I could easily start picking this book apart like an essay and try to explain to people what the themes and lessons behind this story could be.

Overall, this is a really good story if you like soap opera dramas or are seeking a book to pick apart (much like what you’d do for an English essay).

Four out of five stars.

I received this book for free from the author, Patricia Bourque, in exchange of an honest review.

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