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#BookReview My Hallowe’en Heartbreak by Melanie Ting

Okay, so if I have to pick one sentence to describe this book it would be: double finger guns of awesomeness!

My Hallowe’en Heartbreak is a fabulous romance novel packed with Canadian culture and kooky comedy!

Sophia goes to a Halloween costume party with her boyfriend Elliott, and of course he turns out to be jerk bag #1. He gets it on with some chick in a bathroom, and thus the relationship is over. Nothing sucks more than breaking up with your boyfriend dressed up as Pikachu. Well, there probably is worse things but that sounds kinda brutal, eh?

But, don’t worry! Sophia runs into her old high school crush Henry MacDonald, a super hot musician who ends up offering her a ride. They get kinda cozy, and things begin to blossom. Of course, along the way Sophia’s lawyer job has some bumps on the road, Henry’s superstar ex makes a play and Elliott is well… Elliott. Not a good dude. But it’s all good, because this romantic comedy will leave your heart swimming and head singing!

I really liked this book! Romantic comedies are totally my thing and having a Halloween themed one made it every better (it’s my fave holiday, what can I say?). Diving into this book was a nice way to escape and have a few giggles, plus… SO MUCH CANADA! Canadian indie band touring the maritimes? CHECK! Shout out to Justin Trudeau (and making fun of him, because us Canadians like to make fun of ourselves), CHECK! It just keeps piling up and makes me feel like this book is totally what I expect, and can respect, as a little Canadian book reviewer.

Add in the whole ‘seeing your crush again and having a second chance at love’ trope, and I’m totally game. It’s adorable, what can I say?

So, if you want a single line to pimp out this book, it’d be this:
This book has snarky comedy that gives romantic comedy movies a run for their money!

Five out of five stars!

Extra bonus points: Each chapter is the title of a Canadian indie song! Holy moly I’m so proud and impressed and this book deserves all the love! My goodness. Go Melanie!

I received this book for free from the author, Melanie Ting, in exchange of an honest review.

You can find this fantastically written book by clicking on the following links:

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Twitter @MelTing21

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