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#BookReview Rosario+Vampire Volume 1 by Akihisa Ikeda

So… Maybe this isn’t exactly “Halloween” like you’d expect, but it’s full of monsters AND it’s a fun manga! Enjoy this delightful book that made me feel pumped and ready for Halloween a little bit earlier this year!


Rosario+Vampire Volume 1 is an absolute delight and I am so pumped to work my way through this series!

This VIZ manga follows human Tsunami as he gets sent to a school full of monsters. He didn’t realize this, especially since he wasn’t the best student and this was the only school that accepted him. Moka, a pretty vampire girl, takes a liking to him instantly and sucks his blood. Suddenly, the two are the best of friends (or more?). Along the way they meet a succubus who also has eyes for Tsunami, some crafty mermaids and a riveting werewolf. Nothing’s easy at this academy, let me tell ya!

This manga has spunky personality and it’s wild fun! I really enjoyed this book and I was hooked and addicted almost instantly. The illustrations are fun and flirty, the story is PG-13 and had me snickering. It’s like a YA or New Adult manga that flirts with action, thrills, romance and school life. Add in the wickedly funny writing talent Akihisa Ikeda has and you’ve got yourself a winner.

I highly recommend this book! It’s definitely one of my favourite manga I’ve ever read and I’m going to be working my way through this entire series very soon.

Five out of five stars.

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